Squiggles and Squirms

Yesterday while walking our two dogs, the puppy somehow managed to slip out of her harness. I grabbed hold of her before she got skittled by the cars in the car park. Then my husband proceeded to try and fit the harness back on, while I held her. She hates having her walk interrupted for anything and patience is a virtue she has not yet learned. Instead of sitting quietly she wriggled and fussed and generally made the task far harder than it should have been. It was like trying to tame a wriggling snake covered in fur. ‘For goodness … Continue reading

Base Your Business on Offering Solutions

What do all of our various home-based businesses have in common (other than being based in our homes, of course)? We are all trying to fill a niche and provide valuable products or services to our clients and customers. This is the point we need to get across—instead of making people feel like we are trying to “sell” them something, we need to let them know that we are really about offering solutions to their problems… Think about it—we make most of our purchases because we are trying to get solutions? We buy laundry soap so we can get our … Continue reading

Using Kids’ Ideas and Solutions

Who says parents have to come up with all the good ideas? Or why is it that parents have to be the ones who think up all the consequences and problem-solving in a family? Encouraging kids to come up with solutions to problems and offer ideas to help solve family concerns is an important way to build family unity, but it also encourages the development of problem-solving skills. You might be surprised at how good kids can get at helping to solve family problems. Plus, I believe that being involved on the problem-solving side of things further helps kids develop … Continue reading

Making Use of “Trial Periods”

I have a tendency to be a results-oriented parent. I want to solve problems or at least come up with solutions that move us out of challenges and into more functional periods. You would think that after nearly two decades of parenting, I would learn that sometimes you have to go with temporary fixes and make the most of “trial periods” since kids and families always seem to be in a state of change and transition. Nothing lasts forever–and while I’m all for setting limits and working rules by which a family can exist, sometimes, we need to try something … Continue reading

Creative, Inexpensive Scrapbooking Storage Solutions

There is nothing better than being organized. That in itself can help save you money in the long run. However, getting to that point, sometimes seems like a long battle. It can get expensive if you are tempted by all the great storage devices and items that come out for all the great scrapbooking supplies available. There are certainly some alternatives. For Magazines and Idea Books It becomes difficult to sift through books and magazines for that perfect idea you could have scrap lifted, or what about that cool technique you wanted to try. Honestly, the most effective way to … Continue reading

Starting Over When Things Don’t Work

Let’s say that you have done a bunch of family problem-solving around a troublesome issue, have made some decisions and started on “the plan” as a solution. But, it doesn’t work! Behaviors continue, or situations in the family change and things get worse. What is a parent or family to do? Start over… As most of you parents have already learned…sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work. I know that we are supposed to remain firm and consistent, but I can think of dozens of times when we’ve been through family meetings and problem-solving sessions, only to agree upon … Continue reading

Reusable Scrapbooking Storage Solutions

This week, I have been busy providing you, with some answers to storage needs, for all those scrapbooking supplies, you are having a difficult time managing. It seems, the more that scrapbooking catches on, and the more that scrapbookers learn to use supplies from other hobbies, our organizational methods need to be changed. But there is one thing, I have not addressed. As a frugal scrapbooker, trying to save money wherever I can, using things I might already have, is the key to success for me. This holds true when I am beginning to organize. Here are some ideas I’d … Continue reading

Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (2)

Organizing is an obsession for me. It became that way several years ago, when I realized how much stuff I had. Not just scrapbooking supplies, but just stuff in general. I had three households of furniture in one house. I was having trouble parting with certain items, because of their sentimental value. And others I had trouble parting with because I knew how much money I had put into the item. However, what I finally realized, was that I was costing myself more money, by needlessly storing items I didn’t use, purchasing duplicates of items I already owned (let’s not … Continue reading

Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (1)

I am an obsessive organizer. In fact, I absolutely love the power and feeling I get, when I complete an organizational project. Sometimes, when I go back and realize how effective the storage solution was, I get giddy. I know, it’s strange. But it can be exhilarating when you can find all your things and not have to go searching. Because that was me, way back when. I am definitely speaking from experience. It is important for all items to have a home. In other words, everything you own, should have a place to go. This is completely true in … Continue reading

Organization: Learning About Storage Solutions

Now that you have gone through your scrapbooking supplies, and figured out exactly what you have, and hopefully taken the time to sort your supplies, you are ready to get to work. Okay, so I know that sorting all those supplies took a lot of work too. In addition, you probably have quite the mess staring you in the face with all those piles of supplies. But I promise, it will be worth it at the end. While you may have already found an organizational method that has worked for some supplies, you are probably still in need of organization … Continue reading