Sorting Photos—-Where to Begin

If you are like me it is impossible to sort and catalog pictures as soon as you get them developed. In some cases I have gone months without sorting my photos and I end up with a stack of pictures taller than my 3-year-old precariously balanced near my desk. So what do you do when your picture mountain has grown to epic heights? I set aside time and start sorting chronologically. Regardless of whether you are using the pictures to add to a scrapbook, a frame, or just placing them in a traditional photo album, it’s best to have a … Continue reading

Sorting and Organizing Photos

We all know what a challenge it can be to keep our photos organized. I would like to share a few things that have helped me keep the piles of pictures sorted and somewhat under control. These will be suggestions for smaller groups of photos that you wish to organize for scrapbooking. In a blog written by Nicole, she shares some great ideas on organizing a large backlog of photos. Order/develop photos on a schedule. I use a digital camera and upload my pictures to an online service ( Every three months, I order all of the pictures that I … Continue reading