The Boy and His Toys

My son doesn’t have a lot of toys. I remember at least one closet filled to the brim with toys for me and my three younger siblings when I was younger. The image of toys littering the floor and extending out to the front yard was mostly true for my family. While I’m sure we embarrassed our parents (sorry Mom & Dad) we certainly did have fun with our siblings. My son’s toys are not so cumbersome or numerous. They fit on a small area of the floor. He has a couple of stuffed animals and some colored plastic cups … Continue reading

Staying Fit in Space

Have you seen the movie “Space Buddies?” The Disney flick follows five puppies as they wander onto a space shuttle and are “accidentally” shot into orbit. After the dogs blast off they hook up with a Russian cosmonaut who has been in space for a very long time. He doesn’t say exactly how long he’s been in orbit, but from the looks of his long beard, unruly hair and skinny body, it’s been a while. I thought about the movie’s cosmonaut while reading a new NASA-sponsored study, which suggests that changes are needed to improve the in-flight exercise regimen of … Continue reading

My Personal Space – Houston, I Think I Found a Problem

Today I was supposed to show you my scrap room, and I actually could. I worked really hard to get things sorted, picked up and put away organized instead of just in a huge pile, or shoved in various drawers and other spots. The whole area is cleaner, brighter and definitely less cluttered. It actually looks great. Except for one problem. Those pesky wood mounted rubber stamps I bought at a local sale. I already had a huge stash that literally claim an entire Iris cart, and while someday I plan to unmount them because storage is just simpler that … Continue reading

My Personal Scrap Space – The Mess

At the end of May, I told you I would begin showing you my scrapbook area in a more personal way, so you could see the studio where I work, and see how I organize and store things. Sometimes it is nice to get a glimpse into the life of another scrapbooker and see how they do things. I believe it can help to see an organizational system that works, so you can implement it too. So here it is the middle of June and I haven’t bothered to show you any more of my space. Why is that? Because … Continue reading

One of the Great Things About a Home Business—Not Dealing with Other People’s “Energy”

I realize that one of the things I love and most cherish about working at home on my home business projects is that I am not in an office, surrounded by other people’s “energy” and “vibes.” Having worked in all sorts of office situations, I know that there are times when a couple of stressed, ill, or snarky coworkers can change the energy of the entire workplace. I love when I do not have to tend to other people’s negative, hyper, or tense energy! I suppose it makes me sound a bit anti-social, and I really am not. I am … Continue reading

The Joy of a Quiet House

Most of you know by now that I truly love being a mom and I cannot imagine my life without the noise and chaos that comes with having a family. Still, I think every single parent will be able to commiserate when I say that there is wonderful gift of joy that comes with the occasional quiet and peaceful house too… I don’t often have the house all to myself and even when I THINK I do, there is usually someone waltzing in unexpectedly to put a bit of a damper on my solitude. Of course, I’ve gotten used to … Continue reading

Short Leash? Or Too Much Rope?

Surely you have heard the old addage that if you give people (kids) enough rope, they will hang themselves with it? I think many of us parents use this advice to keep our children on a very short leash–but is the short leash really the right way to go? Could there be a happy medium between too much and too little? There are a few things that can happen if we try to keep our kids on incredibly short leashes: they can rebel and tug against the rope, causing all sorts of power struggles and resentment; they might also give … Continue reading

Is Your Home Office Messing Up Your Home?

When I started my home business, I had very organized ideas about how I would have a little contained work space and things would all be very efficient. In reality, there are times when my work seeps over and takes over the dining room table and the kitchen counter–not to mention the coffee table or my bedside tables in my bedroom. When a person works a traditional job, one can often leave the work at work and reserve home for home “stuff.” When one works from home, everything that get mixed up and messed up together. I think most of … Continue reading

Making Room for New Directions

By now, most of us has come to accept that change is the very nature of life. When it comes to raising children and embracing the constant growth and change, it can be a little tough on a parent. Just as soon as we get used to a certain personality trait or interest that our child is exploring, he might change and seem like a very different person. I think one of our jobs as parents, however, is to create some space and make plenty of room for our child to head in new and different directions. None of us … Continue reading

Can I Really Give Them Autonomy Over Their Space?

I know in my head that my older teens need to have control over their environment and they need space and autonomy in many areas of their lives. I can talk about it and believe in “theory” that it is a very good thing. But, last night when my middle daughter informed me that she was going to be rearranging her bedroom and it involved putting the bed “in the closet” and other creative ideas—I not only balked, I tried very hard to put a stop to the whole endeavor. I tell you it was an absolute hair-trigger response. I … Continue reading