Storing Keepsakes

If you are anything like me, you have keepsakes all over the place. I have tried to get everything under control but what I end up doing is moving some to one place and some to another place. What I have left are keepsakes that are all over the house. I have some keepsakes in cabinets, some in boxes and some in closets. My goal for the next few Saturdays is to get it all in order and store my keepsakes the proper way. I already know how I want to do this. I plan on purchasing a plastic container … Continue reading

Solutions: Excess Lipase And Sour Breast Milk

Upon discovering that my properly-stored breast milk consistently tasted sour, I talked with other moms and did research to try to solve the mystery of what was making it taste so bad. I discovered that the likely cause was an excess of lipase. Lipase is an enzyme contained in breast milk that breaks fats down into individual fatty acids. Lipase is part of why breast milk is so easily digestible for babies. It’s good that we have lipase in our breast milk. However, too much lipase results in fat being broken down too quickly. (The fat in milk is apparently … Continue reading

How to Find Pantry Storage Space

In a recent post, I talked about all of the frugal benefits of having a small home. A small home can save you quite a bit of money, especially in the long run. But one thing a small home usually doesn’t have is extra storage space. And when you combine lack of storage space with stockpiling and cooking from scratch (two practices that can also save you a lot of money) you may wonder if you are going to be in trouble. Finding pantry storage space isn’t always as hard as you might think. Here are some tips on how … Continue reading

When Stockpiling Doesn’t Make Sense

Stockpiling is a good way to save money. Having things on hand that you bought on sale gives you the insurance that you won’t have to buy something at full price out of obligation because you’ve run out of the item. Stockpiling food in a pantry can also ensure that there is always something that you can cook at home, eliminating the need to run out and buy and expensive restaurant or take out meal. But, there are some times when stockpiling just doesn’t make sense. Here is a guide that you can compare against your own stockpiling habits to … Continue reading

Helpful Household Tips

Often, I come across many useful and fun household tips that are too short to use in a dedicated blog posting. These may be things that help you save time, save money or make things nicer in your home. Because the tips are too good to let go to waste, I’ve assembled them here in one place, so I could share them with you. Please let me know which tips are your favorite ones, and please also add your own helpful household tips below by leaving a comment. Many of the following tips were inspired by the print version of … Continue reading

Storing Your Small Kitchen Appliances

Is your kitchen easy to use with a lot of counter space? You might be dreaming of a new kitchen but sometimes just removing clutter from the counter and properly storing your kitchen appliances can give you extra counter space and make your kitchen seem new. Yesterday, I shared the first steps in organizing the kitchen counter. If you took that information to heart, you should be well on your way to removing anything that doesn’t belong in your kitchen. Now let’s talk about the things that may belong, the appliances. That is right, I said may because chances are … Continue reading

I Dream of Bookcases

I’ve always had a special relationship with books, for at least as long as I can remember. My very first books, The Poky Little Puppy and a set of children’s encyclopedias were treasured as no other toys were. Through the years, I also dreamed of having my own built-in bookcases. Through the years, I have had many substitutes for these imagined bookcases. First there was the headboard on my twin bed at home which held library books and a row of paperbacks I got for free through the library’s Reading is Fundamental program. Later, in college, there were a series … Continue reading

How to Make a Garden Tool Holder

With the fall comes a lot of yard cleanup, fall planting, and in some parts of the world, even some snow shoveling. Keeping all of those tools organized and in good shape can be difficult when the tools are just thrown in a garage or shed, or even worse, left outside. Brooms especially should be stored with the bristles facing up and off of the ground. Brooms, rakes, hoes, shovels, axes and anything on a post will be wonderfully organized with this idea for a garden tool holder. For organization, forget buying a fancy system. It can get expensive. And … Continue reading

The Idea Book Dilemma

It almost seems that every time I open the pages of some of my favorite scrapbooking magazines, or visit my favorite scrapbooking spots on the Internet, I am hearing about a new must-have idea book. If I purchased them all, not only could I own my own bookstore but I would never be able to purchase anything else. So how do you know if an idea book is worth it, and how do you get the best deal? Read on. How do you know it is worth it? You ask. Simple and easy, but very necessary – ask around. See … Continue reading

Marker and Pen Storage and Organization

Markers, pens, colored pencils, gel pens and all types of writing materials are used in scrapbooking. They are sometimes used for journaling, doodling, drawing, coloring or other techniques. So when you are faced with so many different writing tools, how and where do you store them? A small piece of advice: Always store your markers and pens horizontally and not vertically. When a marker or pen is stored vertically it causes all the ink to collect at one end of the pen. Storing them horizontally is always a better option as it keeps the ink more evenly distributed. Here are … Continue reading