Why Credit Card Spending Doesn’t Feel Real

It is true. Spending cash is painful to us, while using a credit card doesn’t quite feel real. Oh sure, logically we know that we are spending the money on that new television, iPad or boots, but there is a well-documented disconnect in our brains that makes it much easier to spend when we do it with a credit card. Think I might be wrong? The average household credit card debt through the end of 2012 was $15,422. The average cash debt? That is $0, of course. With cash, you don’t want spend what you don’t have. So why does … Continue reading

Five Ways to Spend Less to Feed Your Kids

Kids can be little vacuums sometimes, eating up everything in sight. While it is good for growing bodies to get the calories and nutrition that they need, it isn’t always great for the budget, especially when you want to eat out. A typical family with three kids can spend $25-$30 at a counter service restaurant or $50-$70 at a family-friendly sit down restaurant. There are a number of ways to reduce the cost of food for your kids, that are not extreme and will leave you spending less to feed your kids. Here are five of the best ways to … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Buying Too Much

It’s a scrapbooker’s right to own and use all the latest and greatest products available. However, the problem is, when you buy all these great gadgets, gizmo’s and supplies, are you really using them all? What happens to a lot of scrapbookers, is that a few months or years down the road, we have an accumulation of supplies and products that we might never use again. As I’ve said before, my philosophy is that if you purchase a product, for every dollar spent, one layout has to be completed. Again, that means if I spend $15.00 on a fastener, I … Continue reading