Why Your Pre-Teen Quit Playing Sports

One way to encourage your child to get a healthy amount of exercise is to make it fun. Sports offer kids the ability to exercise while having fun, the chance to learn how to play as a team, and a good way to develop athletic skills. Despite these benefits, 70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13. Here are some reasons why that happens. It stopped being fun. Have you ever watched kindergartners play soccer against another team of kindergarteners? What happens is both adorable and amusing. They sit down when they get tired, and start playing with … Continue reading

Learning Social Skills in the Summer

Nothing has plagued the homeschooling movement more than the idea that a child, who is not immersed in a traditional classroom setting, would be deficient in social skills.  In fact, some families have shunned the idea of educating their children at home because they feel the choice would turn their kids into social outcasts. This is a complete fallacy. There are a myriad of opportunities for homeschooled children to learn how to get along with their peers, though, summer often provides the most varied choices.  Some of the most popular include: Camps:  Some homeschool co-ops organize their own summer camps, … Continue reading

When You Can’t Afford Sports 2

As parents, we want to be able to provide our children with everything that will keep them happy and healthy. Activities in sports and the arts are valuable experiences that we can provide to our children, unless we can’t afford to do so. What then? Do are children lose out? A better solution might be to look for ways to save money on children’s sports, so you can provide them to your children without putting your family in danger of economic failure. This post is part two of a two-article series on the subject. If you missed the first post, … Continue reading

4 Ways to Deal with the High Cost of Kids Sports and Activities

Today, it is not surprising to hear that parents are spending anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 a year per child on sports, dance or other activities. In some cases, that amount can be even higher, when there are several children in the family and each are taking several activities at a time. According to financial guru Dave Ramsey, “some parents can spend up to $10,000 a year funding their child’s athletic pursuits.” Why is the cost so high these days? First of all there is equipment that parents much purchase, everything from figure skates or hockey skates, to baseball equipment … Continue reading

Sports Are Just A Game

There is no doubt that sports can have a positive impact upon kids. Belonging to a team gives kids an instant identity and group to belong with. They also learn skills like setting goals, dealing with adversity, and sportsmanship. Playing sports can also have a positive impact upon a child’s self-esteem. David Burnett, author of “It’s Just A Game!” says sports gives children some control. When playing sports kids “learn the rules of the game — and the more they learn, the more they are in control — and they’re going to learn about sportsmanship and [how] to control their … Continue reading

10 Benefits of Playing Sports

Playing sports offers children more than just physical benefits. Sports typically help kids academically and socially as well. The benefits are the same whether or not your child actually excels at the sport. Although if they are really good they will probably want to continue playing when they are older. If your child isn’t good enough to play competitively on a school team try signing them up for a city league or encourage them to just go shoot some hoops with their friends or church group. Read on for ten ways playing sports and can benefit your child. 10 Ways … Continue reading