The Superhero and the Damsel

Does your man feel like a superhero? Like he can do anything in your eyes? If you think about it, men like to believe they are conquerors. They like to be viewed as someone who can go above and beyond your expectations. They want to be seen as strong, the one who comes to the rescue. My husband does this in a number of ways. He can open any jar, fix just about anything in our house and can find solutions to virtually any problem. If he could don a cape, I think he might. While most men like to … Continue reading

Getting Your Spouse to Be Frugal

One of the most frustrating things is get your budget down significantly, only to see it blown by a spouse who is not with the program. All of the hard work and careful planning that you do to save money can be unravelled by one impulse purchase or bad decision. So how do you get your spouse or other family member on board? Read on for some tips. Address the Stigmas My friend Bonnie (not her real name because I don’t want to embarrass her) is almost ready to give up on trying to be frugal and save money. Her … Continue reading

Dating Your Spouse

Most of us can remember the very first date we had with our husband. I know I do. I will never forget my “Bangladesh” pants that I wore. At least that’s what my husband used to call them. I had these big, red-framed glasses and big hair (remember the perm?) Well, I guess for that time period I looked kind of cute. We went to see Willy Porter play at a bar/restaurant. Afterwards we walked around the East side of Milwaukee and eventually had our first kiss. From that point on, we couldn’t wait for the next date. Why? Because … Continue reading

Three Positive Stories

One of the things that impressed me the most about a friend of mine when I first began to know her is that she never had anything bad to say about her husband. While other wives got together at play groups and complained, she never once criticized her spouse in order to relate or bond with everyone else. it impressed me so much that I knew I wanted to be her friend. So often we complain about our spouse in an effort to gain some sympathy, perhaps to seek advice or to relate to someone else. Women especially tend to … Continue reading

Resisting the Urge to “Mother” Your Spouse

This morning, as I was waiting for the bus with my son and our neighbors, it was pouring rain. While my son and I were under umbrellas, my poor husband was going back and forth bringing out four barrels of recycling (we generate more recycling than we do garbage). He was wearing his good coat with a hat and hood, so that offered some protection. Still, his pants were pretty wet at the shins and cuffs. Seeing him like this, I offered to run into the house to fetch another pair of pants that he could then change into when … Continue reading

My Spouse Won’t Go To The Doctor

You know, we have a saying in my house, if you’re feeling pretty bad (i.e. ill) for more than three days and you won’t go to the doctor – don’t complain about it. We began this saying back when we had really good insurance and a doctor visit only cost us about $10. Then we went through a period where we had no insurance at all – (you may remember my husband’s emergency surgery last December – our $22,000 bill is a direct result of having no insurance then). Still – we’re lucky to have health insurance now – although … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Tell You Have a Perfect Marriage

Every marriage has its ups and downs, right? Sometimes we look at another couple in the church and think, gosh, they are the perfect couple. I wish my spouse and I could be like them. But how do you know if you are one of those mythical folks that others envy? Here are some ways to tell if your marriage is the ideal Mormon one. 1. You don’t just finish each other’s sentences, you start them. 2. Since your children never see the two of you fight (not because you hide it, but because you guys just aren’t fighting), they … Continue reading

Marriage Fights

For the first part of this and next week, I would like to explore the top four reasons given for divorce in America today. Why should this matter to those of us sealed in the temple, who have no intent of leaving our spouses? First, because the sad truth is that divorces in temple marriages and LDS families are on the rise. Second, because if most couples in America are fighting over the subject, the odds are good that it is a source of contention in LDS homes, as well. Marriage is a wonderful blessing, but it can be awfully … Continue reading

Partner Up: Lose Weight with Your Spouse

Are you committed to following a healthy eating plan? Do you have a regular exercise plan? Are you ready to think positively and commit to building a supportive atmosphere to get healthier and lose weight together? Don’t Fly Solo Too often we sabotage ourselves by thinking we have to do everything on our own. For those of us who are married, however, we have the built in support structure with our spouses. My husband has always laughed when I brought this up. He doesn’t think he’s the most supportive that he could be when it comes to working out or … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review for April 9 – April 13, 2007

As I said earlier in the fitness blog week in review, I’m still a little flummoxed that we’re already at the weekend. This week flew by and here we are at the weekend, taking a swift glance back over our shoulder. We had some great articles this week and I hope you enjoyed them, but if you missed any, here is our marriage blog week in review: Monday, April 9 In the News: Vetoed “Marriage” Bill in California Revisited takes a look at what’s happening in California – for real this time – this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke. In … Continue reading