Disney Plans Star Wars Character Spin-Offs

 Boba Fett and the man who played him, Jeremy Bulloch The biggest Disney movie news of the past week was so big it needed its own post: Disney has announced that they’re planning character-based “Star Wars” spin-offs.  That means they’re looking to make movies that expand the stories of fan favorites like Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett. If you’re wondering about the sequel trilogy, know that it’s still on track.  Episode 7 might not make it out in 2015 as planned, now that the ever-busy J.J. Abrams is helming, but these character pieces aren’t meant to replace Episodes 7-9.  … Continue reading

The Biggest Disney Headlines

Last week there were two big pieces of Disney news announced: the director for the first “Star Wars” sequel, and more information on concerns over privacy relating to the MyMagic+ wristbands.  Let’s look at them both. In a move that is both surprising and not, Lucasfilm has chosen J.J. Abrams to direct the next “Star Wars” film.  The director/producer is best known for television shows like “Lost” and “Alias,” and for famously rebooting the “Star Trek” film franchise.  J.J. Abrams was rumored as a director for “Star Wars” early on, but he denied it; or really, he claimed he had … Continue reading

Star Wars Weekends

Even I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to blog about the various Star Wars attractions at the Disney Parks. As I mentioned in my previous post, as much as I love Disney I’m even more of a “Star Wars” fan, so what’s with the hold up? Honestly I’m just not sure, but now that the official Disney Parks blog has announced the lineup for 2011’s Star Wars Weekends, it’s the perfect time to write about them. Star Wars Weekends take place at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, over the course of about a month. This year they start … Continue reading

Movie Misquotes – Part 2

I threw out a few movie misquotes in one of my last blogs, so here are a few more. Are you guilty of any misquoting? “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.” Yes, it is true that as Dorothy, Judy Garland never uttered these words in The Wizard of Oz. What she actually said was “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.” “I want to suck your blood.” While many of us associate the quote “I want to suck your blood” with Dracula, Bela Lugosi never said that in the 1931 version of Dracula. However, Tim … Continue reading

Looking for a Treadmill this Christmas?

If so, then you know it’s not as easy as banging out a letter to Santa and waking up to a PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR under the Christmas tree. Unless you are getting the exact replica of the treadmill you run on at the gym everyday, then you really need to do your homework. Treadmills come in a variety of sizes and feature a wide range of price tags. In a previous blog I listed some of Consumer Reports top picks for fold-up treadmills. If you have the space to accommodate a traditional nonfolding treadmill, fitness experts recommend you consider … Continue reading

Pop Culture Potpourri: Whitney, WKRP, and Star Wars

Either Whitney Houston actually believes people care about her personal life or she really detests her ex-husband Bobby Brown. Personally, I think it’s a combination of both. Regardless, the award-winning songstress felt compelled to let the world know (via a public statement) that rumors that she is reuniting with Brown are “a complete fabrication.” Houston released the statement yesterday denying reports made in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times that said she and Brown had been spotted in Georgia looking romantic. The singer says the newspaper article speculated that the exes were getting back together after divorcing in 2007 after 14 years of … Continue reading

Treadmill Shopping Tips

Someone in America spent this Black Friday braving cutthroat crowds to snag a deal on a treadmill. It wasn’t me, but I did see quite a number of door buster ads featuring outstanding deals on popular home gym equipment. If you weren’t one of the brave fitness buffs who woke up at the crack of dawn to take advantage of deep discounts on treadmills, but you are still hoping one lands under your tree this Christmas, then this blog might be useful. Recently, Consumer Reports rated some of the best moderately priced treadmills on the market. The following machines scored … Continue reading

Fitness Week in Review for September 15-21, 2008

If you have been looking for a way to burn more calories in less time this Week in Review is your one-stop source of information. Over the past few days I have offered tips on some of the most effective calorie burning exercises available. If you want to see results in your figure before the holiday season rolls around this is the time to start. By reviewing the following blogs you can get a better handle on what you need to do to accomplish your weight loss goal and get fit for the new year. September 15th—–Exercising on the Road: … Continue reading

Burning Calories at Your Desk

While most of us pack on the calories while working at our desks (the occasional cookie, donut, or an entire BLT sandwich) there are some companies that are actually helping employees burn calories while on the job. A few weeks back I saw a report on ABC News about a Minneapolis law firm that has done away with traditional oak wood desk and leather chair combos and replaced them with treadmills and raised computer stands so employees can type and workout without leaving their cubicles. The report also profiled a guy from Illinois who has adopted the same concept in … Continue reading

Celebrities Unveil New Projects: Olympic Bound Beckham and Animated Lucas

From the soccer field to the roof of one of London’s red double-decker buses, David Beckham will be kicking the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics into high gear this Sunday. According to British newspapers, the international soccer star is on his way to China right now to practice his part in the closing ceremony. When the Games end at Beijing’s National Stadium, the distinction of hosting the Summer Olympics transfers to London in 2012 and Beckham will reportedly be included in the handover segment, which features a surprise finale. The L.A. Galaxy player (and hubby to his spicy wife … Continue reading