Revisions and Do-Overs

I make a big chunk of my living from writing work. Of course, I would love to make more but since I am gradually building my freelance business, I’m fairly content and it works well with my role and responsibilities as a single mom. One of the realities of writing is that you always have the opportunity to do another draft, make revisions, or start completely from scratch. It seems to me that revisions and do-overs are a great metaphor for the life of a single parent as well–after all, isn’t that what rebuilding our lives as single parent families … Continue reading

Just do it!

“Just do it!” Most everyone is familiar with the Nike slogan. Though their slogan is usually referring to different physical activities, it can refer to a lot of things in life. Homeschooling is definitely one of them. Not to say that everyone should run around saying just homeschool. That isn’t where I am going with this. What I am saying is when someone decides to homeschool, they should just do it. They need to jump in and start. Don’t get frozen from fear. There are so many choices when it comes to homeschooling. Curriculum, learning styles, teaching styles, notebooking, lapbooking, … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Blogs: Getting Started

Scrapbooking has taken itself to a new level of technology with digital scrapbooking. After digital scrapbooking, blogging became the new thing. While a blog can be a type of online scrapbook, it is primarily used to share information with others. You must be reading this because you want to start your own scrapbooking blog. How do I start my own scrapbooking blog? The first thing you have to consider, is if you have the finances to own your own website domain title. If you want to go about it this route, you will need to find a domain name that … Continue reading