Step-Daughters With Uninvolved Mothers

“I do it all and my step-daughter never appreciates any of it.” “My step-daughter’s mom isn’t even in the picture but she still respects her more than me!” “My step-daughter seems to resent me even though I’m doing nothing but loving her with all of my heart!” “My step-daughter believes that her mom is going back for her some day despite the proof to the contrary.” “I took her shopping and all it did was make her depressed!” I can’t even count the number of times I have heard step-mothers repeat these phrases or variations on this theme. Being the … Continue reading

Marrying With Children

When it comes to forming a new relationship, you may know from the outset that your new partner has children. There’s a hilarious remake known as Yours, Mine, Ours and that movie illustrates the hilarious problems that can ensure when two families are blended together. It’s important to know that when you are mix and matching your families, there are some pressures that can be brought to bear on your marriage. If you are blending a family together whether the children are one side or both, it’s important to keep expectations realistic. The children need time to get to know … Continue reading