I.C.E. Stickers: Have You Got One Posted?

Photo by Julia Couture Recently after making a donation to the ASPCA, along with a thank you letter they sent me an “In Case of Fire or Emergency Animals Inside!” sticker. There are boxes to check if you have dogs or cats or other, with a line to specify what the “other” constitutes. There’s also a space to leave your phone number. I happen to think this is a brilliant idea. I’m one for being prepared in case the worst happens. My theory is you might not be able to prevent bad things from happening, but having plans in place … Continue reading

Sticker and Die Cut Organization

Anyone who has been scrapbooking for any length of time, has more than likely accumulated a very large amount of stickers and die cuts. These two items seem to be the most commonly collected scrapbook supply, and therefore, finding storage is extremely important. There are several different ways to sort your stickers and die cuts, which is the first step to getting organized. You can organize by stickers or die cuts by color, theme, brand name, or size. Color Sorting die cuts or stickers by their colors is one way to organize them. However, with stickers that is a bit … Continue reading

Free Ferrari Stickers

My kids love to get things in the mail. Letters from friends or family are as good as gold. Freebies or special offers are the silver! I just ordered some free stickers for Elisha, courtesy of Shell. They’re Ferrari’s. Man, what a beautiful car! I’m looking at my little commuter car in the driveway, and thinking that I probably could fit a dozen of them into the price tag of a Ferrari. But ever since Tom Selleck raced around in his Ferrari 308 GTB, it’s been a fantasy of mine. Alas, it will ever remain a fantasy! Here’s a true … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: When Less is More

I admit it, I like to pinch pennies. When I can, I put as many photos on a page as possible. Lisa’s Disneyland layout was a good example of this! When I see layouts in magazines that feature one photo, I have to laugh. Those types of pages are few and far between in this household. There are, however, times when less is definitely more. On this layout, I really wanted Eli’s creativity to show. He has an incredible imagination and I tried to find a way to highlight it. After several test runs with other layouts looked less than … Continue reading

Charts, Points, Stickers, Stars and Prizes

We have never had much luck with charts around our house. I know that some parents swear by them–and by the whole “rewards and positive feedback” way of motivating children. I guess they work for some families and kids for everything from completing homework, to brushing teeth, to getting out the door on time. But, charts and stickers and stars just never seemed to do the trick in our family… I have to be completely honest, I’m sure part of the problem was my inability to manage them. With three kids, work, and all the marvelous realities and exciting activities … Continue reading

Catch Your Kids Being Good

How many times have you heard some parenting expert remark that we should catch our kids being good? How many times have we caught our kids being good but failed to acknowledge their efforts? I admit many times I catch Tyler being good and I don’t say anything. But no more. I’ve discovered that sometimes the simplest gestures mean a lot to young kids. I’ve been having almost nightly struggles with Tyler at bedtime. He plays around for nearly an hour most nights before he finally zonks out. I read recently that an early bedtime is for the benefit of … Continue reading

How To Remove Stickers and Play-Doh From Places They Don’t Belong

My 2-year-old daughter loves stickers. Love may be an understatement. That girl is a walking sticker album. (I’m not exaggerating.) While she has many, many colorful sticker books in which to display her massive collection, she much prefers adhering them to her skin… and her hair… and her clothes… and my furniture. (Basically, anywhere BUT the sticker books.) As you can imagine this often leads to some tense moments—not in the sticking—but in the un-sticking. While I am happy to report that my daughter has gotten over the trauma of me removing stickers from her hair and skin (obviously, the … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Sticker Sneeze

You can always recognize a scrapbook page from the earlier days when there were limited supplies. Back then, stickers were all the latest craze and there were swaps and RAKS (Random Acts of Kindness) galore filled with stickers and sticker sheets. At that time, you saw a lot of scrapbook layouts with what we have now dubbed “Sticker Sneeze”. Essentially it’s a scrapbook page that has stickers that look like someone just blew all over it. No rhyme or reason to their placement, if there was a blank spot, a sticker was placed there. Gone are the days where stickers … Continue reading

Working With Scraps: Part Two

Earlier I discussed tips for using your paper scraps, now I’m going to focus on using up the other scraps you have: stickers, ribbon and fibers. When you are on a budget, you really need to focus on using what you have before purchasing all the latest and greatest products. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the products out on the market and the new stuff they come out with practically daily. I’m not about to tell you not to buy anything new. In fact, I’m notorious for finding new products and bringing them home. Of course, then they … Continue reading

Great Cleaning Product: Goo Gone

Goo Gone is one of the best cleaning products you will ever purchase. Let me start by saying, this is not a paid review for the makers of Goo Gone. It just happens to be one of my favorite products. Goo Gone is a concentrated formula of citrus oil and other ingredients that is safe to use on nearly any surface including most fabrics, wood, vinyl, plastic, glass, laminate, metal, tile and fiberglass. Check the label if you are concerned, or try the product on a small unnoticeable area of the object you want to clean before applying it to … Continue reading