Shopping with Toddlers

Whether or not you love to shop, going to the store with a toddler in tow is much different from shopping alone or with older kids or adults. Today, I took my toddler to the mall. I survived. I didn’t think I would. At least when I go shopping alone or with an adult or even with a teenager, they walk by themselves without asking to be carried. My son just had to have me carry him and that took a toll on my back. I remember a few years ago when I went shopping with my friend and her … Continue reading

What You Can Find At Goodwill Series – Home Decor and Artwork

The frugal blog series of articles on the vast quantity of items found at Goodwill stores continues on. As we discover the department’s that most Goodwill stores have, keep an open mind about what you can find. If you are truly interested in living frugally or getting bargains or deals on items, you will be pleased with your shopping experience at Goodwill. So what else can you find at Goodwill stores? Home Décor I was actually surprised to find an entire section of home decorating items. From frames, to knick knacks, to vases and pots, to bowls and baskets, there … Continue reading

What You Can Find At Goodwill Series – Shoes, Toys and Electronics

We’ve been discussing the various departments that can be found in Goodwill stores across the United States. So many people have a negative connection with the purchasing of items at a Goodwill store, and I am off to prove that it is worth shopping there. Here are a few more departments and what we found. Shoes It wasn’t a large section, but there were definitely shoes to be found. Yes many were used, but there were more that were new. From summer sandals and flip flops to winter boots and slippers, and everything else in between, was right there sitting … Continue reading

What You Can Find At Goodwill Series – Kitchenware, Luggage and Accessories

Our exploration of three top Goodwill stores in our area was quite an event for our family. It had been many years since I had visited one, and it was in a different location. As a whole, we were both surprised and amazed at the variety of items and the condition of them. There were so many useful things and the price was so amazing, it was well worth the trips. Here are a few more departments that most Goodwill stores have. Accessories We found a huge amount of accessories to fit your every need. For men there were belts, … Continue reading

What You Can Find At Goodwill Series – Clothing and Furniture

Goodwill is an awesome place to shop if you don’t mind buying used items. Of course Goodwill also has many new items that were donated from people who didn’t need them or stores that were getting rid of overstock and donated the items instead. It is easy to see that Goodwill is like a used department store. When shopping at Goodwill stores you are going to find some stuff that you would never buy or that you would never use. But if you are patient or looking for anything in particular, you might be surprised at the great finds. Here … Continue reading

More To Do in D.C.

You’ve seen just about every historic attraction in Washington, D.C. and now it’s time to make some history of your own. (Shopholics, I’m talking to you.) Along with being home to some of the most awe-inspiring spots in the world, D.C. is also a shopper’s paradise with hundreds of unique stores that will take your breath away. Fleet Feet The landmark store has quite a reputation and even if you don’t purchase a pair of new stomps it’s still a cool D.C. spot to see and be seen. Mayor Adrian Fenty’s family runs the shop and word on the street … Continue reading

New York’s Eclectic Gift Shops

You can’t visit New York City without going home with a few souvenirs, right? Continuing in my series spotlighting some of the city’s most unique shops today I’m throwing out a real zinger–big cheese in the Big Apple. Given that I currently reside in a state known for its dairy products I’m really putting my neck on the line here, but so be it. Take a look at some other must-visit Manhattan shops. Murray’s Cheese Shop Located downtown at 254 Bleecker St. between 6th and 7th Aves. Murray’s Cheese Shop refers to itself as “the nation’s leading cheese purveyor.” It’s … Continue reading

Shopping in the Big Apple—Food and Shoes

Life should be so simple… Food and shoes, what more could a girl ask for? (Okay… diamonds, but I’m working with a budget here.) With the holidays fast approaching the streets of New York City will soon be chock full of men, women, and children on the hunt for the perfect gift. As such, I’ve decided to list a few of my favorite Big Apple haunts. I started with this blog and am slowly adding a few more as we enter the gift-giving season. The following retailers offer two items that are essential to any woman’s life—-chocolate and shoes: Jacques … Continue reading

The Scrapbook Store Garage Sale Controversy

Many local scrapbook stores around the United States, plan and host garage sales a couple of times a year. Often there is one in the Spring and one in the Fall, but some will just do one in the Summer months. Does your scrapbook store do one? There has been a large amount of controversy surrounding garage sales hosted by scrapbook stores. Why? Because there is a strong belief by many that they lose a lot of money, and time when paying someone to sell their items. And then, in the same breath, there are a lot of people who … Continue reading

Scrapping Towards a Cure: Scrap Pink Weekend September 28th-30th, 2007

It is an unfortunate fact that the United States of America has the highest rate of women with breast cancer in the world. The good news, is that every day there are survivors that can say they beat it. You can join the fight by joining in Scrap Pink Weekend from September 28-30, 2007. Who wouldn’t love to help others doing something they absolutely love doing? Now you can by simply scrapbooking. How fun! Get together with others, and support an important cause. The amazing Scrapbooks Etc. magazine has joined with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and many participating … Continue reading