Causes for Not Losing Weight

Despite changing your eating habits and exercising on a regular basis, you may be experiencing the frustration of not losing weight or even worse, putting on a few pounds. This can lead you to believe that your fitness changes aren’t really making a difference. But hold on…there may be some explanations for it that you need to explore. For instance, we know that eating salty or sugary foods can put on the pounds. But we fail to recognize other factors that can also contribute to weight gain, with one of them being stress. Yes, stress can cause you to gain … Continue reading

When Sickness Prevents You from Exercising

The past week and a half has been a bit frustrating for me. For the second time in a year, I have costochondritis, which is inflammation in the area surrounding the upper ribs/breastbone. It feels like you are having heart attack symptoms. I am apparently one of those cases with an “unknown” cause, since I haven’t been sick and I haven’t experienced any trauma to my chest. Treatment consists of anti-inflammatory medication and rest….sigh. It’s really frustrating when you have been on a regular schedule with exercise, or if you had fallen off the routine but were finally back on … Continue reading

Striiv Brings Gaming and Fitness Together

There is a new device that is said to take what Wii Fit does in your home, and turn into something motivating and useful when you are outside the home. It is called Striiv, a portable device that can measure your movements and provide you with rewards based on your level of activity. The cost will be $99. Similar to a pedometer, it can track your steps. But you can also set goals and play games with friends. It is taking the world of gaming (including social gaming) to a whole different level. The hope is to reach those who … Continue reading

Are You Lazy?

Are you known for saying, “Could you get that for me?” That becomes a common line for parents who are sitting comfortably in their recliners and have children nearby. It is much easier to ask a little one to grab something for them. But this can become a very bad habit that translates into other lazy behaviors. Now we have remote controls that can not only turn on our televisions but control our air conditioners, space heaters and lights. Technology can make us lazier. Have you ever thought about whether or not you are lazy? It’s important to evaluate your … Continue reading

5 Tips for Your Morning Workout

Most fitness enthusiasts would agree that working out in the morning is the best. This is for several reasons. One is that if you put it off for later in the day, you are less likely to do it. Things are bound to come up or your motivation may falter. Another reason its best to exercise in the morning is that you will burn more calories because your metabolism will be raised. You will also have more energy and feel better prepared for the day ahead. While working out in the morning might be best, you should still be aware … Continue reading

Change Your Eating Habits One Meal at a Time

I have mentioned in previous blogs that I seem to have the exercise routine down pretty good. I am consistently working out each week at a minimum of 3 times but more often than not, 4 to 5 times. However where I continue to struggle is with my eating. But then again, for the most part I have been attempting an overhaul of changes when it comes to that, instead of taking my own advice about exercise and doing it in steps. Changing the way you eat can be difficult if you try to do too much at one time. … Continue reading

Preparing a Fitness Routine for the Fall Season

Well summer is slowly coming to an end. For some people this is a difficult thing to accept. They want to hold onto summer as long as possible. For other people (myself included), they are looking forward to cooler days. As we prepare for the upcoming fall season, we should also be preparing our fitness routine. After all, for many of us things drastically change when the temperatures begin to drop. While many of us are quite active during the summer months, the cooler months can cause some to lose motivation. But planning for this ahead of time can help. … Continue reading

Over a Year Later Still Enjoying Wii Fit Plus

It has been more than a year since I purchased and began using my Wii Fit Plus. I remember at the time my oldest son thought it was stupid. How can you get fit using a balance board and some games on the television screen? I wasn’t sure at the time it was going to work either. After all, it was more fun than work to do many of the interactive activities. But as I began to create my own workout routines, I found it was actually more challenging that I thought. Here are the greatest benefits I have found … Continue reading

Mousejunkies: One Man’s Life at Disney World

Today I’m looking at the second of the three books my mother bought me about Disney World vacations. This time around it’s the multi-titled “Mousejunkies! Tips, Tales, and Tricks for Disney World Fix: all you need to know for a perfect vacation” by Bill Burke. I’d call Burke’s book a proto-blog, but it was published in 2009 and thus right at the height of the blogosphere’s popularity. I want to name it that because like “Mini Mickey,” “Mousejunkies” is essentially a review of a Disney World vacation, containing looks at all the relevant restaurants, attractions, and hotels. “Mini Mickey,” however, … Continue reading

Family Fitness with Your Preteens and Teens

In this blog I am going to be talking about family fitness with your preteens and teens. This is definitely a whole new ball game, since engaging with this age group can be more of a challenge. The reality is that preteens and teens would rather be hanging out with their friends, but don’t take it personally. We just have to really instill in our children the importance of maintaining good family relations and spending time together. What better way to do this than bringing in some type of exercise? You don’t even have to tell your children that this … Continue reading