Dressing for Success

And by success I mean making it through the morning without losing your breakfast on the ride to work. When you are pregnant it’s important to celebrate even the smallest victories. If you are battling raging morning sickness, you may not give a hoot if your boots match your sweater or if your jeans make you look like a bag lady.  However, once you enter the latter part of your pregnancy, you will be more apt to embrace your changing body and want to look cute while waiting for Junior to arrive. Maternity clothes have come a long way since … Continue reading

Putting Some Spring In Your Home

It’s just about, so close, very near…can you feel it? It’s spring, and here it’s sneaking through the cracks every few days. Today was a day that was dark, damp, and sleeting, though: very winter-like. If you’re feeling the winter blues, what can you do to add some spring to your home and hopefully to your step? 1. Flowers and plants Nothing says spring like adding a few flowers to your home. My favorite is the forced bulb. It’s so easy to force bulbs to bloom. Just place a paperwhite in a pot and place it in a sunny location … Continue reading

Environmental Lifestyle Expert Danny Seo

Danny Seo has created an eco-friendly way of living he calls “Simply Green.” Not to be confused with the cleaner Simple Green that my husband swears by, Simply Green is a way to lead a modern, stylish, yet eco-friendly life. Appropriately enough, Danny was born on Earth Day in 1977. Danny founded Earth 2000, an environmental group, with only the help of friends and $23. By the time Danny turned 18 years old, Earth 2000 was the largest teenage activist charity. Danny has written several books about living green. “Conscious Style Home,” released in 2001, tells how you can decorate … Continue reading

Sarah Palin Copycats

Love her or not Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is at the top of the charts… for most sought after Halloween costume. Some call her scary, others consider her stylish. Regardless of the opinion, leading costume shop owners around the nation say hundreds of thousands of women are clamoring to dress like the pit-bullish hockey mom… with lipstick. And not just for Halloween. Fashion experts say practically everything Palin dons from her trademark glasses to her peep-toe pumps are in high demand right now. For example, if you are looking to see out of the same glasses as Palin … Continue reading

Elements of Rustic Style

If you are looking for a decorating idea, why not consider the rustic style. It is warm, inviting and cozy. Think of sitting in a plush chair by a crackling fire. And although you can really go high end with rustic style, it also lends itself to budget decorating. Here are some of the guidelines of rustic style as well as some tips on creating this look in your own home. The rustic style should induce a sense of an inspiration from nature and a sense of nostalgia. This style is very timeless and can work the throughout the year, … Continue reading

Weight a Minute! Dressing for My Body Type

Being a large woman, and living with the mindset that I’m going to lose all my weight someday, I’ve never wanted to spend money on clothes. In the first place, it’s disheartening to shop for clothes that are labeled several sizes higher than what you really want to be, and in the second place, who wants to spend money on fat clothes? So for the last few years, I’ve spent very little on myself, having a few nicer outfits for church and business, and the rest of my wardrobe consisting of T-shirts and knit pants. Hey, I’m a mommy – … Continue reading

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…”

Who says the queen in “Snow White” has dibs on the only magic mirror around? Not designers at Accenture Labs. The company is being hailed for creating a “magic mirror” that gives ordinary people access to extraordinary views. The mirror provides a computer-enhanced shot of what you might look like in the future. But not only does the mirror age you it also takes into account the bad habits some of us have. For example, if you are a junk food junkie, a smoker, a heavy drinker or live a sedentary life the “magic mirror” incorporates that information into the … Continue reading

What’s Your Ring Style – Traditional, Contemporary, or Unconventional?

Photo by Jenny Rollo In my philosophies on life and marriage I’m traditional yet unconventional and I think my engagement and wedding rings reflect that. Though when Wayne and I were picking them out I didn’t realize any of that at the time. Traditional I consider diamond solitaires perched atop plain gold or silver bands traditional engagement rings. But vintage or antique rings, either fashioned to look that way or because they were handed down and really are, also can be considered traditional. Mine qualifies as traditional, because it is a round cut diamond solitaire and the band is gold. … Continue reading

Hot Home Style Trends

Want to keep up with the Jones or just be aware of the latest style and options when it comes to your home? Read on to find out what home style trends are soon to be hot. Green Flooring Overall, homes are getting greener. And way of doing this is with cool new flooring that can be a status symbol. Remember how everyone had to have (and still does) marble countertops in the kitchen? Well, underfoot, it is all going to be about natural and recycled materials. Some of the hottest options are still unique with great textures and designs. … Continue reading

What Influences Your Parenting Style?

I’ve had people try to assess me before and tell me what my parenting “style” seemed to be. I tend to not think in terms of labels and can definitely see some paradoxes—ways in which I am conservative and other ways that I am pretty liberal and loose. What is really interesting to me is HOW we get to be the parents we are and where our influences come from that help us evolve into the style and type of parent we are… Some of my parenting certainly came from the way I was parented. HOWEVER, I think some of … Continue reading