Marie Claire Magazine

If you mothers out there can keep the little ones busy this summer why not treat yourself to a one year subscription to Marie Claire magazine? Marie Claire is a women’s magazine which highlights such things as fashion, beauty, hair, makeovers, giveaways, contests, games, articles and more. Want to find out the latest scoop on working women doing dangerous jobs or taking a time-out with the boss? You will find out about which cities to stay clear of when you are seeking companionship, dating and relationship issues and fitness, as well as numerous other interesting tidbits in the world. Marie … Continue reading

Finding Free Magazines

I consider magazines a luxury item. They are filled with lots of great information, recipes, news, stories, gorgeous photos and more. You can reuse magazines for wrapping gifts, creating art and crafts and more. But, if you buy them, they can get quite expensive. Here are some ways to get all the magazine you could want for free. Sign up for free subscriptions. Over the years, I’ve gotten subscriptions for Family Fun, Better Homes and Gardens, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Saveur, Kiplingers, Budget Living, Simple Living, Jane, American Baby and others, al just by signing up online. These are full … Continue reading

Classy Coordinates Sketches Subscription

It doesn’t matter if you have just started scrapbooking or if you have been scrapbooking for years, looking at sketches can be a wonderful way to get a start on a layout. If you are not familiar with scrapbook sketches, they are drawing that show where you should places your photos, journaling and embellishments. When I started scrapbooking, I didn’t know about sketches. I think that they just we not a popular concept. Now there are books full of sketches and sites online full of ideas. I just came across a site that offers a monthly subscription for sketches at … Continue reading

Free Subscription to Popular Photography

Scrapbooking is my hobby and my money pit. I’m becoming better at it, in part because I’ve been reading the tips in the Photography blog and am shooting better pictures. Better photos make for better pages. People who take their photography seriously are constant students of the art. They take a lot of photos, attend classes and workshops, read, and study on their own. Raw talent only takes you so far. If you are one of those with a good eye, but still needing to hone your talent, a subscription to one of the photography magazines is a good idea. … Continue reading

Free Magazines

One of my very favorite deals is getting free magazines. Ever since I was little and I had my very first magazine subscription (I think it was Dynomite), I’ve looked forward to getting a glossy new magazine in the mail. You would be surprised at how many magazines out there can be had for free. At one time or another, I’ve gotten, for free, the following mainstream magazines such as: Family Fun, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Saveur (gourmet food), Better Homes and Gardens, Memory Makers (scrapbooking), Budget Living, Marie Claire, Disney and more. I’ve also gotten some more obscure titles … Continue reading

Fitness Magazines for Mom

Another great Mother’s Day present idea might be some magazine subscriptions. Subscriptions deliver the magazine to the door at a significantly reduced cost. There are only a few magazines that we subscribe to around here, but my husband likes to renew them annually around my birthday or Mother’s Day as a way of saying he loves me. Among some of my favorite fitness magazines is: Prevention Although this magazine is aimed at people from the ages of 40 to 65, I enjoy reading the material they provide. They focus on a natural approach to healthy and there are a lot … Continue reading