Not All Advice is meant for You

Advice and suggestions are everywhere. Just read through this Home Business section and you will find hundreds (thousands!) of articles just full of advice on how to do a better job at starting or running your home business. It is important to remember, however, that even though it may sound like good advice and it may seem reasonable, it might not be meant for you or your home business. We have to learn how to sift and sort and choose the advice that works best for our situation and us. Of course, sometimes, it will only be through trial and … Continue reading

Creative Gift Album Suggestions

Creating gift albums can be a daunting task. Organization is key. There are so many different aspects to consider when sitting down to create or even planning a gift album. Here are some suggestions to make the whole process go a little faster and more efficiently. Page Size The page size of the album matters the most because if you plan to include many different photos, a larger page size will make that easier. If you only have a handful of photographs that you want to use, or you are following a theme throughout the album, you might choose to … Continue reading

Giving and Taking Parenting Advice

Despite the fact that it may appear that I am in the “parenting business,” I really do not feel particularly comfortable offering up specific and heavy-handed parenting advice. Partly because of my writings on parenting and family life, and partly because I tend to always have a house full of kids and as older teens, they appear to have survived most of their childhood relatively unscathed—I do get approached for advice regularly. I also try to find my own mentors to ask for advice. But, it always seems like a bit of a slippery slope… The thing is—every child and … Continue reading

Happy Halloween! Monsters & Ghouls & Workouts Oh My!

Good morning and Happy Halloween – if you’re like most families, you’re probably laying in the candy to hand out to the trick or treaters tonight. Be sure to incorporate some other items to give out so that you aren’t overloading the kids with too much candy. Little canisters of play-doh or other small toys like plastic rings are a great idea for the trick or treat crowd. Still others of you are probably going to be on the run getting the kids ready for their Halloween parties at school (not to mention that school is going to be on … Continue reading

Rapid Changes in Weight & Fitness May Require Therapy

I read an interesting article today that made a lot of sense to me. It discussed the fact that people who engage in intensive fitness or weight loss programs that reshape their physical bodies, may want to engage in psychotherapy in order to help reshape their mental image as well. Specifically cited were weight loss surgeries and other rapid weight loss programs, but the psychological aspect associated with building a fitness program should not be ignored. People who have a poor mental image may or may not have a poor physical body. For example, I know at least three women … Continue reading