Summer Fun During COVID-19

Are your kids sad because they cannot go out and enjoy the summer activities they were looking forward to? They aren’t the only ones! The COVID-19 quarantine is hard for kids of all ages (and many adults) to adjust to. Here are some ideas to try that might improve your children’s moods. Parents can start by asking their child, tween, or teen how they are feeling. Get them talking about their emotions. Being able to share what they are thinking and feeling can make people (of all ages) feel heard and understood. Little kids will enjoy splashing around in a … Continue reading

Ideas for Encouraging Summer Reading

Last week, I blogged about summer reading programs. If you don’t have access to a library offering such a program, or if your kids aren’t really excited about what’s being offered, you can design a program specifically tailored to your family. First, decide a reasonable goal. Some children really struggle with reading, while others could do it morning, noon, and night. If you are working with multiple children, set goals for each of them that will cause them to stretch, just a little bit, but aren’t so unattainable that the child will feel overwhelmed. Second, decide what the rewards will … Continue reading

The Jimmy Fincher Series — James Dashner

“A Door in the Woods” is the first book in the Jimmy Fincher series. An assortment of strange events occur in which Jimmy finds himself facing a door out in the middle of the woods, and he goes through it to discover that he holds the key to saving the world. He can’t believe what he’s hearing; it’s so far-fetched and beyond anything he’s ever imagined, but the world is being overtaken by an evil force and he is the only one who can do something. As we go with Jimmy on his adventures, we see him receive certain gifts … Continue reading