Tips for a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

When the thought of taking your family out to dinner makes you cringe because of the expense, it is hard to contemplate taking everyone along for an actual vacation. Even though money concerns may make it seem as though you will never get away, you do have options, a number of them in fact. Here are some ways that you can stretch your vacation budget. 1. Look for the budget airline hubs Although airfare prices seem to be rising, there are a number of airline hubs that tend to have the cheapest airfare tickets. Some places are just less expensive … Continue reading

It’s a Gas—Hotels Helping You Save This Summer

“Gas Tank Getaways,” “Tanks-A-Lot,” “Gas Savers.” They have a variety of cute and clever names, but their goal is the same: save travelers some green as they navigate under blue skies this summer season. From California to Maine, practically every inn, hotel, motel and mansion is running a promotion to offset the record high gas prices that are sweeping the nation. For the past few months I have been tracking these super summer travel deals and today I have more to offer you road warriors before you hit the highway on your family vacation. Take a look: GEORGIA “Tanks for … Continue reading