Free Stuff at the Swap Shop

Do you want yet another way to get free clothing, free toys and free household items? Look around your area for the latest trend, the swap shop, or start your own. What is a swap shop? A swap shop is a place where people in a community can go to drop off items that are in good useable condition and pick up other things that they find there for free. No money changes hands, and the items can be put to good use over and over again. A swap shop may be as simple as an open trailer or as … Continue reading

The Don’ts of Swap Participation

We have been talking about swap participation and the rules, guidelines and etiquette that goes with it. Specifically I am speaking about scrapbooking swaps, but these guidelines could be used with most any type of swap. Here are some don’ts of swap participation. Don’t: DON’T: Lose the guidelines or do your own thing unless that is part of the swap. Be sure and follow the instructions closely so that everyone is happy with the outcome of the swap. DON’T: Forget the due date. You don’t want to be the one holding up the swap, or feel like you’re going to … Continue reading

What is a Scrapbook Product Swap?

Participating in product swaps has been widely popular on various scrapbooking message boards for years. It is an excellent way to get some new stuff that you can use, while getting rid of the excess products that you probably will never use again. These product swaps have been around for ages, including in other craft media. Typically, someone offers to host a product swap. This person then takes the names, email address’ and often snail mail address’ of all participants. She might also ask for a wish list or a top three favorite items, or perhaps even the type of … Continue reading

Host An Outgrown Swap

Have you ever heard of an outgrown swap? I host one once or twice a year and it has provided me with tons of items to clothe the kids. I got the idea to host a outgrown swap from a church sale. Every year, one of the local churches hosts a sale for the community. People come from all over to buy low cost baby and kid clothing. While it is a great success, I thought their might be an easier way to find some great baby and kid clothes without spending a lot of money. The first thing I … Continue reading

Holiday Decorations Swap

Get rid of that tired stuff and get something in return! Host a party where you and extended family members and friends can trade for “new to you” items. Let people know ahead of time what you have in mind so they can gather up stuff they no longer need or want. Make it clear that “junk” isn’t allowed. If it’s torn, stained, or broken, they should toss it instead of bringing it along. Make this event into a party. Set aside plenty of time for it so you can visit and enjoy each other’s company. You won’t likely have … Continue reading

What is a Swap?

I’m sure that you know that the term “swap” means to trade or exchange something with someone or something else. But how does that relate to scrapbookers? A scrapbook layout or card swap can be a wonderful way for us to find new ideas and make new friends. Swaps are usually organized by the group leader generally known as the hostess. She gets to decided what (if any) the theme will be for the swap, how many people will participate, deadlines and anything else important to her particular swap. The hostess can choose to do a swap with her local … Continue reading

Clear Out Your Extra Scrapbook Items

If you have been scrapbooking for while, you most likely have a stash of items that you haven’t used for a long time and most likely will not be using. Why not clear those items from you scrap space? Not only will you be more organized, you can share your unused items with others. Sorting your unused and unneeded scrapbook items is key to the success for removing clutter from your scrapbook space. I would like to suggest a few categories for organizing your stuff. Donate. Schools, child centers, and girl or boy scouts always welcome crafts items. You could … Continue reading