Using Pet Names In Your Relationship

Sweetie! Darling! Love! Boo-boo! Snookums! Shudder, guffaw and pass the insulin. There is nothing so sweet and compulsive as the first time your mate calls you a pet name. No matter how odd the nickname or how endearing it is, when your mate is comfortable enough with you to crown you with a nickname, it makes you feel special. It’s amazing what a little phrase of affection can do. Now there are simply some people who pass around endearments with the ease of how they smile. They are quick, warm platitudes that they give as willingly to someone they just … Continue reading

Using Valentine Products in New Ways

With so many fun Valentine scrapbooking products available right now, it’s hard to resist picking up a few things to play with. But if you are like me, you don’t really do a lot of Valentine’s Day layouts. I might do 1 layout to celebrate what we did that day and make a few cards to give to my kids and husband, but other than that, I thought I didn’t have much use for these love themed products. Once I started brainstorming ways to use these products on layouts other than a Valentine’s Day layout, I came up with a … Continue reading