Using a Drawer System for Scrapbook Storage and Organization

There are dozens of different ways to store your various supplies. With all the choices, it can confuse a scrapbooker who simply wants to get organized and be able to find things they want without searching. A drawer system is one of many ways to organize and store your scrapbook supplies. From a plastic cart with drawers to a dresser to an art chest, there are many different types of drawer systems available. There isn’t one that is better than another, and honestly it is a personal choice when it comes to organization anyway. If you would like to use … Continue reading

Organize Your Mornings: Stick to the System

Okay, it’s time. The whole “make it up as we go” system of getting everyone ready and out the door in the morning just isn’t working. It’s definitely time to create a more organized system that will make mornings less chaotic. Gather your kids and your spouse or your roommates and work together to come up with a system that everyone can accept. When getting started, you might want to post a schedule. You can draw up a simple timeline on a dry erase board or a piece of poster board, or you can simply type it up on the … Continue reading

In Pursuit of More Organized Mornings

We know that getting organized makes each day less stressful, and that includes the morning rush. When everyone is rushing around getting ready to begin a new day, the home environment can get a little crazy. Organization makes a big difference. If everyone can follow a system for getting ready, and no one is running around looking for his or her belongings, mornings will be much more pleasant. Everyone will also have a better chance of getting where he or she needs to be, on time. Stick to the System Sit down with family members or roommates and devise a … Continue reading

Using Portfolios to Assess Students Performance

What is a portfolio? Just like a collection of a person’s finest work is brought to an interview, the same can be done within the classroom environment. Teachers began using a portfolio for their students to assess their writing. One of the most common ways is to have the student put all of their assignments in a special folder. Then two weeks before the quarter or semester ends, have the student go through all of their writings and decide which ones they feel best portray their strength. Once the writing assignments are chosen, the student then has two weeks to … Continue reading