Photographing Children Part Three

Hopefully photographing children doesn’t seem as daunting to you anymore. With a few last tips to help wrap up our series, I hope you have a great understanding of some simple ways to take amazing photos. Use a Prop Children have very short attention spans. If you are trying for a more portrait style photograph, and you are having trouble getting your child to sit still, try giving them a prop to hold onto. Be patient. Let them look at it, hold it, and eventually they forget it’s in their hand and you might be able to capture an award … Continue reading

Photographing Children Part Two

Here are some more great tips you can use to take terrific photographs of children! I’ve included a few examples to help you really see what I am talking about. Eye Level When taking a photograph of a child, be sure and get down to their level. Taking a photo at a child’s level is one of the greatest ways to become a part of their world. At this angle, the child is not required to look up or down to accommodate the camera, getting a more natural look. In these photos, the photographer got down to eye level with … Continue reading

Photographing Children Part One

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately, so I’m starting a new three part series on Photographing Children. Kids grow up so fast. You blink and it seems the time is lost. While we are often filled with wonderful memories of their years growing up, most parents only have the yearly school portraits, some blurry holiday snapshots, terribly forced smile pictures, and photos with eyes closed, strange faces and no smile. Is that the way you want to remember your children? It isn’t the way to account for the years that have passed. Our memories are too precious not … Continue reading