The Importance of Grandparent Relationships

My grandparents got home from Australia this week. They have been serving an LDS mission in Brisbane, Australia over the last two years and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to pick them up from the airport on Monday. Logan was only two when they left. He frequently talked with them on Skype, but that was his only real memory of them up to this point. He warmed up quickly during the ride home, but what impressed me so much was the fact that the moment they walked off the plane my grandmother was already taking advantage of … Continue reading

Opportunities for Skill Development

As parents, most of us know the basics–we know that we teach our children to read and dress themselves, we may even know that we need to work with them on things like social development, teaching them how to throw a baseball or kick a soccer ball, or even help them learn how to clean and organize their rooms. There are so many other “life skills,” however, that parents can have a hand in teaching their children. We just have to be aware and look for those natural opportunities to help our children develop important life skills. Who knew that … Continue reading