The Unexplained Tears

Most of the time, I feel like a fairly reasonable, practical person; I am not really someone who others would accuse of being irrational (while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that—it just isn’t really me), but there are those times when I DO get emotional, exhausted or overwhelmed. There are those times when I fall victim to the unexplained tears. And while my kids hate it—especially when I cannot really explain the why of it—I have learned that it is better for me to indulge a little cry now and again, then to try to ignore it, bury it, … Continue reading

Tear Stains

Some pets look like they’ve been crying. Although dogs and cats do have tear ducts, they don’t cry for the same reasons humans do. Tears are produced constantly and drain out through small ducts in the eyelids. These ducts normally flow into the nose; ducts that are blocked cause the tears to drain out onto the face. Tear stains may be especially noticeable on light colored pets. Miniature and toy breeds of dog are especially prone to pink or brown tear stains on the skin and hair just below the inside corner of the eye. Under normal conditions, a pet’s … Continue reading

All About Me: What Makes You Cry?

Emotions are a part of every humans personality. Feelings such as anger, sadness, and happiness are part of our everyday life. Each emotion makes our bodies do something different, as well as makes our brain think different thoughts. Take some time to think about the things that get your emotions all stirred up. Crying can be soup for the soul at times. Some people can cry at the drop of a hat; watching a commercial on television, seeing a child born, or simply thinking of a sentimental memory from the past. And then there are people on the opposite spectrum … Continue reading