Now I’m Scared

As a parent, what scares you more? A. Having your child flunk out of school B. Having your child imprisoned for criminal behavior C. Having your child get sucked into a life of drug use D. Having your child get regular bikini waxes to please her boyfriend Up until a few days ago some of my greatest nightmares involved A, B, and C. Then, I received the following comment on a blog entitled: “Would You Allow Your Teen Daughter to Get a Bikini Wax?” and I was forced to add “D” to my list: “From a teens point of view, … Continue reading

Interview With MTV’s Teen Mom – Amber

Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of talking with Amber from MTV’s Teen Mom. Before I even got to the second question, I realized, it doesn’t even sound like I am talking to a teen. Amber has learned a lot as a teen mom, she says, and it was apparent as she discussed the challenges and joys of becoming a parent. Along with growing responsibilities, she has become more mature. Things have changed a lot, but as Amber said, “it’s a good way of change.” We talked about how she would have done things differently if given the chance, and … Continue reading

Would You Let Your Teen Run for Governor?

I wouldn’t let my teen run across a busy highway, so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t okay his bid for public office. Of course, I’m not Jared Christiansen’s mom (a fact I’m sure he is quite happy about), so there’s no telling how far the 17-year-old could go in his quest to be governor of Wisconsin. Though, as a voter in the Badger State, I will have some say in the teen’s future political career. The outgoing high school senior is not even legally eligible to cast a ballot in Wisconsin, yet he is determined to run the state. The … Continue reading

Parents in Denial: Pool Pregnancy

You know you are a parent in denial when… You insist that your 13-year-old daughter got pregnant from swimming in a hotel pool—-ALONE! No parent wants to think that his or her child is anything less than perfect, but Magdalena Kwiatkowska may want to consider taking off the blinders for a split second before proceeding with her recently filed bizarre lawsuit. Kwiatkowska says she was forced to hire a lawyer upon returning with her daughter from a lavish holiday at an upscale hotel in Egypt. Apparently, the family returned home with more than a few shiny trinkets from the souvenir … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus Scores a Used Car and Stars Seek Out Obama

The words “Miley Cyrus” and “frugal” don’t seem a natural fit to me, but then again everything is relative. The latest out of Hollywood is that the tween singing sensation is the proud new owner of a car. A Porsche Cayenne to be exact. But, here’s the catch: the hot wheels are a hand-me-down from her mom. According to reports, after earning her learner’s permit two days ago, the “Hannah Montana” star received an early Christmas present from her mom Tish. Mommy dearest apparently handed her freshly turned 16-year-old the keys to her Porsche. (Which by the way, retails for … Continue reading

(How Not to) Prepare for Seminary

Although the subject of Seminary seems to be a bit early for some, I know that in Georgia, school is started around the first week of August. So forgive me for intruding on our teens’ summer bliss, but I thought I’d share a few suggestions for getting ready for class. While the responsibility for Seminary attendance ultimately comes down to the student, there are things that parents can do to help. There are also things that parents can do that will not help. Let me give a few suggestions on things that parents can do that can impede the Seminary … Continue reading

Ten Signs Your Youth is Off to EFY

If you have LDS teens, then you know all about EFY (Especially For Youth). It’s a wonderful opportunity for your teens to grow spiritually. Or, it is a fantastic chance to broaden the dating pool. The definition, of course, depends on who you ask (and who they are responding to). If you don’t keep up with the calendar, your teen can give you some great signs that EFY is fast approaching. 1. They ask if they can go ahead and purchase some nice school clothes now, instead of waiting for fall. They want to look their best! 2. Suddenly, your … Continue reading

Questions to Ask Your Teen who Wants to Homeschool

Yesterday I wrote about the possibility of homeschooled children wanting to go to public school. I also gave you some questions you might want to ask should they bring up the subject. Likewise, many public schooled children approach their parents asking to be homeschooled. Here are some questions you should ask your high school aged child who wants to homeschooler. I am addressing high school aged kids in particular because they are usually the most adamant about deciding they want to homeschool. These are also the kids who are going to be the most serious about homeschooling, or the ones … Continue reading

Encouraging Teens to Attend Job Fairs

Even if a teenager isn’t convinced he or she is ready for a job (or Mom and/or Dad isn’t entirely convinced that the teen is ready for a job), local job fairs can be a great way to introduce your teen to the job opportunities available, give them practice talking with potential employers, and get the ball rolling in terms of employment and job realities. Job fairs have become increasingly popular and available, even in smaller areas. Community colleges, universities, chambers of commerce and other entities often sponsor job fairs throughout the year so employers can expose themselves to potential … Continue reading

Meeting the (Mormon) Parents

When my sixteen year old sister-in-law called me last night to ask advice about her first meeting with her new boyfriend’s ‘straightlaced parents’, the first thing I thought to say was, “Don’t ask for a cup of coffee.” Of course, I gave her the old stalwart advice about being honest and being herself, but after she hung up, I thought about a few other tips I could give to any young man or young woman who wanted to make a good impression on their ‘straightlaced friend’s parents’. 1. Don’t ask for a cup of coffee or tea. 2. When asked … Continue reading