What Parents Should Know About Teen Romance During COVID-19

Did your teen start dating during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Washington Post has information that parents should know about teen romance in the age of COVID-19. Parents might be more aware of signs that their teen has started dating. It is easier to notice when everyone is working from home or virtually learning. This knowledge may make parents uncomfortable, but it also provides opportunity for parents and teens to have important discussions. The Washington Post reported that schools may or may not be providing school-based sexual education during the pandemic. Schools that have on-campus health centers, which may provide birth … Continue reading

Signs of an Unhealthy Dating Relationship

One of the more challenging issues that parents have to deal with in raising teenagers is dating.  Ideally this is something your family discusses long before the time arrives. There are a couple of reasons this is important.  The first is that expectations are known ahead of time and can be clearly explained.  The second reason is that you can begin planting this information into your teen’s mind, before they start dating.  This avoids surprises. At the same time, be ready to make adjustments along the way.  I really thought I had it set in stone what the “rules” were … Continue reading