Dental Care is Important During Pregnancy

You already know how important it is to get regular medical care during your pregnancy, but did you know that it is also very important to make sure that you get regular dental care as well? A few things can happen during pregnancy that can affect your oral health. What’s more, your oral health can also have an impact on the health of your baby. Morning sickness can be tough on your teeth in a couple of ways. First of all, many women report that the taste of their toothpaste can bring on a bout of vomiting. The easy solution … Continue reading

Physical Problems Brought On By Eating Disorders

The whole thing had started as a way to improve Christina’s looks. All it had done over the years was wear her body down. Her hair was thin and lifeless. Her face dry and flaccid. Her eyes, dull and rimmed with red. The skin on her upper arms drooped, robbed of muscle tone. Her body was an odd mix of thin limbs and stubborn stores of fat, seemingly as double-minded about itself as she was. She was tired all the time; tired of the constant battle with her body. At some point, her body had ceased to be her subservient … Continue reading

Toddler vs. the Dentist

I just took my toddler for her fourth dental visit. I like this dentist. There is a large play structure for the children to use while they’re waiting. This day, unfortunately, was a day that my daughter did not want to play. Instead, she wanted to get into mischief. Two-year-olds are notorious for their lack of listening skills. Every toddler parent I know complains about how his child doesn’t seem to hear anything that he doesn’t want to hear. That describes my daughter while waiting for her turn at the dentist. Jessie got a big kick out of opening and … Continue reading

Toddler and the Dentist

I don’t remember the exact date I went to the dentist for the first time. However, my first dentist memory is forever branded in my mind because I needed two fillings. I freaked out. I remember crying and protesting. The dentist grabbed my face and told me to calm down, so he wouldn’t injure me with the Novocain needle. I’m pretty sure I was in elementary school already when this happened. Texas Health Steps, which oversees how often children in state custody are seen by medical professionals, sets the first dental visit at six months old. I took the last … Continue reading

Two Front Teeth

All of the fussing, it turns out, wasn’t for nothing. My son just recently cut two front teeth and his parents are very excited about it. We’re quite thrilled that our little boy could cut through something tough with his nature-given mouth-knives. (As I’m writing this he’s flashing his shiny new teeth at me now and smiling big.) Despite all of the pain, the crying, and the fevers (which, I’m told, teething can actually cause) our son’s teeth have made it out of the gums and into the world. They are now a part of what becomes a daily exercise … Continue reading

Of Mice, Teeth, and Fairies

The magical day has arrived… Happy Halloween to those who are dressing up and celebrating today! I’m taking a break from putting the finishing touches on my costume to give some thought to the Tooth Fairy. Why? Because that’s what I’m going to be for Halloween! For many people, teeth are a milestone. When are the baby teeth coming in? When are the baby teeth falling out, to be replaced by adult teeth? The change from infant to child to adolescent can be measured in our teeth. In the days when superstition was strong, teeth falling out could be bad … Continue reading

Tooth Sensitivity

There are different culprits for that little zing of pain in a tooth… and different types of pain can mean different things! Here’s a look at some common types of tooth sensitivity, and what they may mean for the health of your mouth. Sensitivity to cold — this is a common complaint and often indicates tooth decay or root exposure. Both these things can make cold a real pain in the mouth! After a dental treatment, teeth may temporarily be sensitive to cold, but the sensation should subside within a week. If it doesn’t go away (or gets worse), call … Continue reading

Are You Afraid of the Big, Bad Dentist?

If you get a little anxious thinking about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Dental phobia keeps a lot of people from getting the care they need for their pearly whites. There are a lot of different facets to dental phobia. Some of the most common fears involving the dentist’s office include: Embarassment — “I haven’t been to the dentist’s office in years, and my teeth are going to be horrible. The dentist is going to lecture me about what a failure I am.” Pain — “It’s going to hurt when they clean my teeth. I’ll have cavities that … Continue reading

Fight Cavities with Gummy Bears

Another candy joins the fight against bad teeth: those sweet, colorful Gummy Bears! As long as those Gummy Bears are sweetened with xylitol, that is. Xylitol is a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol that is often used as a sugar substitute. Studies have shown that xylitol can help reduce levels of a particular kind of bacteria (mutans streptococci) in plaque. You may have seen xylitol as an ingredient in sugar-free chewing gum! However, gum isn’t usually recommended for younger children — it’s all too easy for a young child to chew and swallow gum, rather than just chew it. A study from … Continue reading

Cost Compare on Dental Care

Healthy teeth are important, and we often resign ourselves to having to pay whatever our dentist tells us to pay. But there are a few different ways to save on dental care without compromising the health of your teeth. Did you know, for example, that the cost of the same porcelain veneers can vary from dentist to dentist by thousands of dollars? Keep reading to find out how you can save money on dental care. Let’s start with the cost for dental procedures. All costs are not created equal. Just as when you buy a car or any major purchase, … Continue reading