Most Important for the Nursery

One of the most important decisions you will need to make when planning a nursery is the type of cot. There are many kinds on the market in many different finishes from paint to stained wood to natural pine. A good idea is buying a cot that can be adapted as the child grows. For example when our daughter was young we bought a pine cot that also had a change table and drawers attached. The deep drawers were a good place to store diapers and other things baby needed when being changed. Later it could be adapted into a … Continue reading

Hints When Redecorating a Room

Before you even start to redecorate there are some questions you should ask yourself. First among them is what purpose the room is to be used for and who will use it. These will determine the types of materials and colors you chose to use. For example if you have young children an all white color wall and furniture color scheme and white or pale colored carpet would be highly impractical. You would spend your life getting stressed about keeping it clean and probably drive your family crazy in the process. We have white tiles on our family, dining room … Continue reading

If your Business was a Color, What Color would it be?

Usually, I write fairly serious articles and blogs here in the Home Business blog. This morning, however, I am feeling a bit more light-hearted and have been imagining ways to have fun with motivation and meditation on our home businesses. After all, there is more to life than just work and seriousness. This morning I am wondering a very important and playful question—if your business was a color, what color would it be? When my children were little, we used to play this game with various emotions and feelings in order to help them learn how to express themselves. I … Continue reading

Ideas for Ceilings

Is there something about your room that just doesn’t feel finished? Or maybe you want a quick update that won’t break the bank or take up a lot of your time. Why not try one of the following ideas to improve the ceiling in your room. 1. Add a celling medallion Installing a ceiling medallion is quick, easy and inexpensive. A ceiling medallion is usually installed underneath a light fixture, from an in-ceiling light to a hanging chandelier. Expect to pay between $25 and $85 in the home improvement store for a standard plastic or foam medallion. Plaster medallions are … Continue reading

Ways to Use Red in Your Home

Red is definitely noticeable in your home. You can use it to create a mood, create a focal point or to draw attention to features in your room. Red is the color of passion, cheerfulness and excitement, but it is also the color of anger, aggressiveness and hunger. With red, you have to strike a balance between using too much and not using enough. Here are some ideas for using this boldest of colors. Use red as an accent color in a room. it can be applied to lighting, candles, pillows, wall treatments and more. A bit of red here … Continue reading

Bold Color Tips

Want to try out some bold color choices in your home but not sure where to begin? Bold colors can be intimidating, but these tips will help you make good choices and give you the confidence to take the plunge. Bold colors can help you create your own sense of style, and warm up or brighten up a room. Start out small by painting an accent or drama wall with a bold color, or choose to paint window frames, door casings, moldings and trim with a bold color. Use white for the walls of the room, but make sure to … Continue reading

Using Color in Your Garden

When we decorate the interior of our spaces, color plays a very important part. We look at painting the walls and ceiling of a room and bringing in color in furniture, window treatments, accessories, and perhaps even flooring. We aim for a “theme” or a harmony of color, and we often use color to set the mood or the function of a room. But when it comes to our outdoor space, we sometimes just choose colors that we are attracted to at the moment and throw them together. But in a garden, just as in a home, color can be … Continue reading

Seasonal Decorating: The Backdrop

We have begun discussing strategies for seasonal decorating. We have to start somewhere, right? The best place to begin is with the overall design plan of a space you’d like to redecorate, and one you’d like to be able to freshen up with each season and special occasion. By using basic colors and furnishings to create a neutral backdrop, you can make a space interesting through the use of accessories and art. You’ll be able to change the entire look and feel of a space instantly by altering these items, instead of having to redecorate the entire space. But, don’t … Continue reading

Change the Feel of a Space with these Decorating Tips

Sometimes, a few touches go a long way. Try these tips to change the look and feel of almost any space in your home: Cool Down I’m not talking about the temperature but about the color. If you have a space that’s filled with warm colors, adding a touch of a cool color may help create balance. A burst of blue or silver or even white can help bring the heat down a notch if it is overpowering. Adding a piece of artwork, some accessories, or a couple of accents such as a rug or pillows in cool colors may … Continue reading

Painting Techniques of a Different Stripe

You have probably seen, or maybe even tried, the painting technique of marking off equal width stripes and painting them different colors. Another great look is using the same or a very similar color in different paint finishes to achieve a subtle, striped effect. While these are great ideas, why not bump it up a notch? Instead of just evenly sized, wide stripes, why not mix it up with some narrow stripes or create your own striped pattern? Start by measuring so you know you’ll be able to fit the number of stripes you want on each wall. Mark off … Continue reading