Make Merry Layouts

Tis the season for your mailbox to overflow with holiday merriment.  In a few weeks, it will be overflowing with bills accrued from making merry, so now’s the time to make the most of those seasonal greetings. As you are going through the cards, photos and newsletters sent by family and friends, take a moment to note which ones you would like to preserve.  Pretty holiday greetings make fabulous additions to Christmas-themed scrapbooks.  Not only do they provide gorgeous images to enhance layouts, holiday cards also allow you to save special handwritten messages from loved ones. Christmas is a magical … Continue reading

All About Me: Live, Love, Laughter

What is it that makes you smile? And what gets you into a fit of giggles? And still, what makes you just break into a fit of laughter? Everyone needs to laugh, and as the old saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine”. I can attest to that. On my gloomiest, most depressing days, all it takes is something funny to happen, and I’m laughing until I cry! So what is it that makes you laugh? Think about the funny things your children do. Think about your boyfriend, husband or significant other. Do they do things that make you laugh? … Continue reading

Paper Bag Albums part three

Would you like to make your own? It’s easy and it’s fun. Just choose your topic, plan out what you want to say and then follow these easy steps: Collect five paper lunch bags of the same size and color. These will make the base blank pages of your album. Arrange the bags in a stack. You need to alternate the open and closed ends. This helps keep the book even on both sides. Next, fold the bags in half and crease. Use a bone folder to really crease the center. Bind the bags about a quarter inch from the … Continue reading

Paper Bag Albums part two

For my own paper bag album, I chose the theme 10 Things I Adore About You Each thing has its own page and contains an explanation of why I adore him because of that thing. 10 Things I Adore About You 1. Spending Time With You (on the side page is an explanation: Whether it’s ice cream with your girls, or a movie we aren’t actually watching – spending time with you is absolutely the best) 2. You’re An Awesome Dad – Raising three girls alone is tough and you do it with ease and the most love I’ve ever … Continue reading

Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Six

I’ve been working on this album practically non-stop. I want to get it done before my friend visits, and so everything else is set aside. At this point it’s time to actually get started on the album. I needed to figure out the layout I’d like to use for each page. And how I want my album set up. It always works better, and helps avoid problems that I originally faced, if you pre-plan what you want. I created a sketch to go by, though I knew the sketch would change as I went through each page. Having a sketch … Continue reading

Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Five

Another important aspect of my new album was being able to put all the journaling that I wanted on the page. In the smaller album, I had to cut my journaling down and couldn’t say all that I wanted to say to each friend. I also wanted to be able to include friendship quotes throughout the album too. The project began by creating a journaling box for the details of each person’s friendship. It started out with where we met. This is the location of where we met – some of my friends I met through other people, some at … Continue reading

Paper Bag Albums part one

Recently I met someone special that I simply adore. I wanted to let him know how special he is to me, so I decided to create a special album just for him. I find that mini albums are often a great way to show you care and can not only be fun to make, but a lot of fun to receive. After thinking about it, I decided that the easiest and best way to create the album was to make a simple paper bag album. The size was perfect and it fit right into my budget. It took me two … Continue reading

Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Four

It’s finally time to start with the new Friendship Theme Album. I had to make some major changes to get to this point, but I am satisfied that I am on the right track. The first change I had to make, was the size of the album and pages. I started with a 6X6 album and now I am using an 8.5X11 album. The larger sized album should accommodate more photos, as well as allow for my longer (more wordy) journaling. I chose an album that I could add pages to as I go, so that if I have another … Continue reading

Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Three

I’ve been talking about my Friendship Album I started last year and never finished. I seemed to get frustrated with it, and I’ve undergone some serious research to discover why. But first, let me show you some of the additional problems I was facing. Because of the size of the album (6X6), I couldn’t use the photographs I wanted. Most of the letter’s or journaling that I had, were so big they almost took up the whole page. This left very little room to see the papers that I had chosen specifically for each friend. When choosing the papers for … Continue reading

Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Two

After I figured out which friends I wanted to include in my album, it was time to decide what I wanted to include on each page layout. The Queen of Journaling that I am, that was a bit more challenging because I tend to be on the wordy side. My album was only 6X6 so I knew I had to be careful or it wouldn’t fit. I knew I wanted their name in nice bold letters all by itself, as if a title. I also decided I wanted to include a small statistics box that included where we met, when … Continue reading