An Interview With Think Inside The Box Owners (3)

….continued from part one and part two Part three of the interview I conducted with both of them: How do you promote or market your product? Erin and Julie: Ads in scrapbooking and craft magazines, online newsletters, consumer shows, trade shows, and most importantly, word of mouth. Our customers are our best marketing tool. What are some of the funny things that have happened since you launched? Our first letter that we sent to a magazine editor – we agonized over EVERY single word, editing and re-editing for at least 12 hours! Chances are, this 2-page masterpiece wasn’t even read! … Continue reading

An Interview With Think Inside The Box Owners (2)

….continued from part one The interview I conducted with both of them: I love the concept behind the name of your company. I think that it is perfect for a scrapbooking company. Can you tell us how you came up with the cute name “Think Inside The Box”? Erin: We spent endless hours on our company name…In the end Julie came up with the slogan “think inside the box”. Instead of using it as a slogan, we chose to make it our official company name…and we have trademark approval from the National Trademark Office! How do you gain inspiration for … Continue reading

An Interview with Think Inside The Box Owners (1)

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Erin and Julie from Think Inside the Box, the creators of the wonderful, amazing stadium organizer. I absolutely love mine, and was both eager and curious to learn how they came up with the idea and how they got involved in their business opportunity. Here is the interview I conducted with both of them: How did you get started in the scrapbooking industry? Erin: We were frustrated with the lack of organization and storage products for our vast sticker collections and our tools. We wanted to create a multi-functional box that would be … Continue reading

Get Organized With the Stadium Organizer: Special Coupon Code for readers enclosed

Awhile back I wrote a review on an incredible new product I had discovered called the Stadium Organizer. I just found out they are having an incredible 40% off sale until the end of the month! That is such a fabulous deal because these little organizers are so versatile they can be used in ANY room of the house! I have personally spoken to Julie with Think Inside the Box, one of two creators of the Stadium Organizers, and she offered the following information on why they have chosen to have this incredible sale: We have chosen to offer this … Continue reading

Product Review: The Stadium Organizer by Think Inside the Box

Introducing The Stadium Organizer, by Think Inside the Box, which got it’s start in February 2005. Erin and Julie decided to create a product to help with a scrapbookers demanding organizational needs. But they didn’t just stop there. This remarkable storage container can be used in every room of your entire house. You can fill it with anything. From craft supplies, to personal care products, and if you own your own business, it’s great to display your products for sale! You can keep it on a desk, table, shelf or counter top. It can be stored in a closet, on … Continue reading