Time Saving Tips to Keep You on Track

With the holidays fast approaching, things might be getting a little busy around your house. Some people are able to back off a little bit from their home based businesses during the holiday season and focus on holiday activities. People with seasonal home based businesses are likely to be putting in as much time and effort as they can right now. Either way, you are likely to be feeling a little bit crunched for time. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day. While we can not create additional hours, we can employ a few strategies to … Continue reading

Spending Time With Your Teen

I don’t know if other parents feel the same way but as our children get older and become teens, it tends to become more difficult to spend quality time with them. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with them. It’s just that life keeps us busy and my children are in this stage where their friends are their main priority. So as a parent I have tried really hard to make sure that we spend quality time together. I think as the parent of a teen you have to be willing to enter their world. When they … Continue reading

My Own Schedule

There is a terrifying thing happening recently concerning my schedule: I’m in charge of it. While this has to some extent been a dream for a long time it comes with its own magnificent set of problems. The biggest problem is keeping whatever schedule I set for myself. In some ways this has always been a problem (even before I was taking care of my son during the day) but in other ways having a great deal of time on my hands with so many things to do I get a little bit lost in the middle of it all. … Continue reading

Big Day On Campus

The day after my dual-presentation nightmare signaling the end of my semester as a student (though grades still needed to be entered for my students as an instructor) my wife was tasked with taking her students to an event on my campus for the entire day. This meant I’d have to go back and spend the day in the place where just yesterday I had been anxiously preparing to pass or fail evaluations of my intelligence. I would have rather sat at home. That last day was exhausting. This was not going to be possible, though, because baby needed to … Continue reading

End of Semester Woes

We are nearing the end of the semester and as a student I feel your pain, fellow students. I’m drowning in books, research papers loom overhead like dark clouds, and final exams threaten on the horizon. This is the time when all students decide to either do the difficult and large amount of remaining work or give up. (I’m going to do the work and I hope you will too). But despite the difficulties of this time for the students there is an equally (yet bizarre) mood for instructors. In the interest of honesty I’d like to explain the other … Continue reading

The Magic of “No” Part II: The Volunteer Who Couldn’t

Last week I talked about the mystical powers of the word “no.” I talked about the dangers of “yes” (despite the movies to tell you otherwise) and suggested analyzing what really needs to be said “yes” to and what you might want to cut out, truncate, decapitate, or reevaluate to a new position of non-importance and a default response of “no.” I’m going to share a story that I hope will demonstrate the importance of this word from both sides of a story. Today I’m going to explore one perspective in a story called “The Volunteer Who Couldn’t.” There once … Continue reading

Time Goes By So Slowly

As my son’s first birthday approaches and I look back on my first pregnancy, the whole nine months, in memory at least, feels like nothing more than a blip on the radar screen. In the final weeks, I recall feeling like I had been “pregnant forever.” I remember actually saying that on more than one occasion. It seemed to last indefinitely when I was waiting for it to end. A year has faded the memory a great deal, but all it takes is a glance at past blog entries I wrote during my pregnancy to remember how much it dragged … Continue reading

Exercise Time with Dad

I’m overweight. It’s true. Not horribly, but enough. I’ve needed to work out for a long time. Back when I was acting with greater frequency my workout was part of my work. I would be learning dance choreography for a musical or repeating the same physical motions with ever greater precision over and over and over again. Now I sit at a desk mostly. I read, I write, I think. You know that statue of the guy thinking (yep, that’s it) it’s kind of like that… except looking at me would not immediately remind someone of a work of art. … Continue reading

Top 10 Must Visit Green Web Sites

Want to learn more about being green, whether it is at home steps you can take to make the world a better place, organizations that are monitoring the world’s practices, or preventing animal extinction? It is easy as a touch of the fingertips with these incredible websites: 10. Greenpeace Even people who don’t know much about going green have probably heard of Greenpeace. They have been trying to protect and conserve the environment for almost 40 years. 9. Going Green (TIME) TIME has devoted a section of its main web page to green issues. Weekly articles are posted on such … Continue reading

A Parent’s Favorite Day

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year. It wasn’t my birthday or anniversary. I didn’t win the lottery or score a kiss from Matt Damon. Heck, I didn’t even get a pass on cooking, laundry or vacuuming. What I did get is something no parent can put a price tag on—-extra time. An entire hour. Sixty glorious minutes. A bonus 3600 seconds. What parent doesn’t dream of having a 25-hour day? Goodness knows most of us find a way to squeeze 30 hours of work in a typical 24-hour day. So why wouldn’t we celebrate an extra hour? Thank … Continue reading