Animals with Unusual Aspirations

Every once in a while odd notions pop into my head. (Okay, more than just once in a while.) The past few months, though, I keep having thoughts about animals with unusual aspirations. I’m not sure if they’re potential children’s book titles or just humorous musings meant to poke me when my subconscious thinks I need a laugh. Whatever they are –or may one day become– they make me smile. With all the bad news in the media recently, I thought I’d share them with you in the hopes perhaps they’ll bring a little levity to your life, too. The … Continue reading

More Fantastic Font Finds For Your Scrapbooking

Journaling is something that is often put off until the layout is finished in every other way. If you do this too, you are certainly not alone. In a recent poll, 78% of scrapbookers voted that they wait until the end to do their journaling. I find it difficult to do it at the beginning, though there have been times that I have. Since I happen to put off journaling until the end, I have a lot of layouts that are sitting in limbo waiting for that final journaling block. I decided recently to play ‘catch up’ and get that … Continue reading

Back to School Titles for Your Layouts

Once upon a time, in a scrapbookers world, it was filled with wonderful page topper ideas. Finding the right topper, now called title, was a must for most people. Finally toppers are making a comeback and scrapbookers are having more and more fun using them and designing creative titles. There are dozens of cute and unique titles just for school layouts. With so many different types of photog opportunities throughout the school year, there are just that many different types of titles to use. Try giving your school layouts a little personality using one of these adorable titles or toppers … Continue reading

A Very Comprehensive List of Font Sites for Scrapbookers

Scrapbookers are a choosy bunch, and often they know what type of font they want before they even get to the layout. The pictures might evoke a certain mood or perhaps its even as simple as they use that font a lot. So where to scrapbookers go to find all the great free fonts out there? These are a huge collection of font sites that I have found or use regularly. Some of these sites I have every font from. Some are sites that list more sites. No matter what, I’m sure your computer will be running on overload with … Continue reading

Title Placement

Finding new ways to scrapbook, is always interesting. I like to keep things changing constantly, and find new ways to make old fun. After awhile, scrapbook layouts might seem dull and boring, but you can spruce them up and make them new and fun again! Title placement is an important aspect on your scrapbook layouts. Besides the photographs you choose, it is one of the first things that someone flipping through your albums see. When I am faced with making changes to my layouts, and finding something new, I often focus on the title. Have you ever tried changing the … Continue reading

Am I a Ms. Or a Mrs.?

My husband and I have been married for almost twelve years. I kept my maiden name. Wayne didn’t seem to care if I became Courtney Pryor or stayed Courtney Mroch, so I decided to stick with what I knew. Some believe I did this because I’m a feminist. Not so. There’s really only one good reason I never changed my last name: laziness. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of contacting the credit cards companies, the bank, the Social Security office, et cetera. Okay, I’ll admit there have been times I questioned why I was the one expected … Continue reading