The Great Household Debate

Okay, here is one of the top debates in many households. Huge arguments have been fought over this one. Whole factions of people have taken sides one way or another. This issue can pit brother against brother and father against son. Some families have learned to adapt, with one person getting his way and the others paying huge therapy bills. Some lucky families see things the same way and grow stronger. Others fall. What is this great household debate? Ready for it? The debate concerns a personal issue: which way to hang the toilet paper (or bathroom tissue in polite … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Toilet Paper

When it comes to sacrificing a little bit of pampering for the environment, few of us, even the die hard dedicated environmentally concerned are willing to live without toilet paper. But there is a lot to know about the stuff that may surprise you. It is new Toilet paper is relatively new in our history. Although it seems as though it is something that we have long needed, in actuality, it wasn’t in widespread usage until the 1930s. That is right, all of those flappers of the roaring twenties had to find other means of wiping their bottoms. It requires … Continue reading

Saving Money on Paper Products

Paper products are expensive, face it. And we need them. Things like facial tissue, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels are a must have in many homes. At least the toilet paper is. I won’t tell you to skimp on the toilet paper, because, well, we need it! However, let’s talk about ways you can save on the rest. Napkins The easiest way to save is simply not to use them. Use fabric napkins instead. They last longer, are easily thrown in the wash and are actually more sanitary. If you are not using fabric napkins, then at least watch … Continue reading

Are You Willing to “Spare a Square” to Save a Buck?

There’s been a big buzz on the news and internet about rock-singer Sheryl Crow’s recent blog posts about conservationism and global warming. In one post she wrote, “I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.” She also suggested that she’s invented a line of clothing which includes a removable “dining sleeve” that would replace the need for paper napkins. While some reporters are suggesting that Crow was being a bit “over the top” on purpose to draw attention to the issue, I personally don’t think her ideas were … Continue reading

5 Ways to Save on Toilet Paper

Perhaps changing diapers all day long has had an effect on me. The last few blogs have been concerned with sawdust toilets and people using newspaper as bathroom tissue. So why not keep with the potty theme? Here are five ways to save on toilet paper. 1.Use less. I’ve never been frugal when it comes to toilet paper. I probably use too much. The standard frugal guide is three or four sheets. If you fold it instead of grabbing a bunch and crinkling it up, you will need less. A wad of toilet paper will have more sheets in it … Continue reading

Creative Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

Not sure about anyone else, but in our house we go through toilet paper like it’s water. It’s absolutely crazy. I can walk into a bathroom at the end of the week to empty the trash can and there will be four empty toilet paper rolls in there! I won’t even ask what they are using it for, or better yet, how much they are using of it. That part seems to be obvious. Of course, we have five children who essentially share one bathroom, so there’s bound to be a lot used anyway. So what can you do with … Continue reading


Do you ever have to improvise, either to save money, or just because you’re in a pinch? Creatively using time, money, and other resources, is exactly what frugal living is about. So, what you do when the kids break the toilet paper holder? You might laugh, but it wasn’t too funny when I walked into the master bathroom the other day and found a roll of toilet paper on the floor. I looked up to see why and noticed that the toilet paper dispenser was broken. Maybe I should explain a bit. The dispenser in that bathroom was a different … Continue reading

Cheap Paper Casting In Your Scrapbooks

There is a cheap way to include paper castings in your scrapbooks without breaking the bank. Toilet paper. Using toilet paper in my scrapbooks? No, I’m not crazy. But try out this fun technique and see how much fun it can be. The first thing that is important to know, is that there is no one particular brand of toilet paper that you have to use. The cheap kinds work just as well as their more expensive counterparts. You will need around 5 to about 8 squares of toilet paper. Stack them on top of each other. Look through your … Continue reading