Preparing for Crops

  Weekend scrapbooking crops are the perfect venue to learn new techniques, get inspiration from fellow scrappers and experiment with new tools.  The organized get-togethers are exciting and informative, but they can also be intimidating for newbies. Depending on how large of a crop you attend, you could be looking at scrapbooking with hundreds of other memory book builders.  In order to keep the event running smoothly, there are typically quite a few rules to consider.  When I attended my first crop the following ditty circulated around the ballroom.  It was discovered on and speaks to the unwritten rules … Continue reading

The Well-Stocked Toolbox

If you perform your own home repair or do it yourself (DIY) projects then a well-stocked toolbox is a must. The nice thing about having a toolbox is that you can build it up as needed, depending on your level of skill and the size and types of projects you do. Whether you simply want to hang a few pictures or whether you want to rewire some cable, having the right tools always makes the job easier. Here is a guide to the basic tools you should have. Make sure that you don’t purchase cheap tools, or you will pay … Continue reading

Updating a Garage

Want to make your garage more useful and even more attractive? Whether you want a relaxing place of your own to work, an organized space for your things, or a fun place to play, the following updates are well worth the effort. As a bonus, a nice garage will help raise your property value. Update the garage floor with a custom look. You can do this in one of two ways. First, try an oil-based paint made specifically for concrete floors. It is easy to apply and comes in many different colors. You can also create checkerboards or other patterns. … Continue reading

Assembling a Basic Tool Kit

Every scrapbooker should have a basic tool kit where they store all the essential supplies that they need for a scrapbooking session. However, the types and brands of the items that fill the kit, will be different for every single scrapbooker. Here are what a typical basic tool kit contains and what to keep them in. First, you need to figure out what you want to put your items in. Many scrapbookers use a tackle box or utility box, however I prefer some type of clear container. This allows you to see inside so you know exactly what you have. … Continue reading

Prepare your Yard for Autumn and beyond

As summer fades away, there are several things you can do to prepare your yard and garden for autumn and beyond. Begin with mowing, edging, and getting rid of weeds. Even weeds that are dying from the August heat can make your yard look uncared for and unattractive. They don’t always wither completely away, so it’s best to pull them or break out the weed eater. If your garden is no longer producing, but is looking a bit overgrown, you may want to go over it with the mower or weed whacker too. Then, gather all your clippings and spread … Continue reading

The Frugal Garage: Long Handled Tool Storage

We moved to a new house this past spring and are still trying to get organized. One area that is in need of some help is the garage. When we moved, we used our garage as a sort of staging area for a lot of our boxes. Now, we have to finish putting away those boxes (and furniture), and organize the whole thing. Our goal is to me able to fit the family car in the garage by wintertime. It would be really nice to be able to load the kids up in the car while it is still in … Continue reading

Hanging Out in the Scrapbook Store (2)

Face it, scrapbook stores are overwhelming, especially if you’re not very familiar with how it all works. In fact, every store is different, so its impossible to predict a stores layout or what they will have. All four of our stores carry totally different stuff. In an earlier article, I discussed the first couple parts of a scrapbook store, and now I will continue on with more. Sample Layout Area Sample layouts are usually posted in various locations at any scrapbook store. Often they are created to increase awareness of a class or crop. Two scrapbook stores here locally, actually … Continue reading

Hanging Out in the Scrapbook Store (1)

Have you ever entered a scrapbook store and been totally overwhelmed? Where do you start? What products do you need? How do you decide what works for the pictures you want to scrapbook? Let’s hang out in a scrapbook store and see how it all works. Window Shopping While you can window shop at a scrapbook store, I will warn you now, that it is not the same. Yes, new products will be shown, and often layouts and big gadgets that the store wants you to purchase, but it is not a good place to start. The Front Door Seems … Continue reading

Top Five Intermediate Scrapbooking Tools

An Intermediate scrapbooker is beginning to see a vision in their layouts. More often than not, they are ready to really get into embellishing the layout and using supplies that make scrapbooking easier. Even a beginner will enjoy using some of these supplies, and will want them right away. They are not necessarily provided only for an Intermediate scrapbooker. They are just another part of the scrapbooking world, and are not needed as often for a very basic scrapbook. These are the top five Intermediate scrapbooking supplies that you need to get started in this wonderful hobby. 1. Page Protectors … Continue reading

Those Three Little Words (that May Ruin Your Marriage)

Usually when we here someone mention “those three little words” we think of the words “I love you.” It is of course a beautiful sentiment that most people like to hear it often. However, it’s a different set of three little words that might just wreak havoc on your marriage. Those words are, “do it yourself.” Now, do it yourself doesn’t necessarily mean your marriage is over. If your hubby suddenly turns into DIY guy or your wife is seen walking through the garage with power tools and a pink tool belt, do not despair. You may still be able … Continue reading