Disney ‘s 10 Best Animated Films

Disney films has been producing and creating family classics for over 70 years. Nearly three-quarters of a century family films have been associated with the Disney label and animated films were definitely their forte from the pen and ink originals to the more modern adoption of CGI. So what are the top 10 Disney animated films? The following are my subjective choices for best animated films. 10. Sleeping Beauty (1959). This beautiful story of the Princess rescued from a death curse by three good fairies who try to protect her further by spiriting her away to raise her in the … Continue reading

10 Fit Kids Ideas for Summer

It’s started. Kids are getting out of school and the flood gates started opening in some areas this week. I’m lucky, I still have another week and half before my daughter’s school lets out for the 12 long weeks of hot summer days and boredom in the afternoon. But you can take advantage of the long, hot days to work on your fitness and your children’s fitness as well. Here are 10 great ways to take advantage of the fitness: Incorporate physical activity into the daily routine. From household chores to an after dinner walk, keep your family active every … Continue reading

10 Reasons I Hate Summer Exercise

Summer time, summer time, sum-sum-summer time! It’s that time of the year again, granted – I’ve seen it be a 100 degrees in May, so this May it hasn’t been too bad. But the heat is coming and the heat is hot and it blisters and it is miserable weather. I know there are a lot of perks to summer, but I think I outgrew most of those when I turned 18 and didn’t get summer vacation anymore. Frankly, if I got 12 weeks off, I’d be happier about the hotter, brutal weather, but then I don’t. So for fun, … Continue reading

10 Things Pulling My Face Has Taught Me

Yes, you read that blog title right. I described to you earlier that My Face Is Killing Me and why. Now I feel compelled to share with you the 10 things that pulling my face have taught me. 10. First and foremost, learn to tell the story of what happened with a straight face. Grinning hurts. Laughing hurts. Snorting, grinning and laughing in quick succession can leave you gasping for breath because your face cramps and that just makes it all the funnier (if you appreciate black humor). 9. Don’t tell guys that you have a pulled muscle in your … Continue reading

Ten Fitness Facts That You Should Know

When it comes to fitness facts, the following facts are for you to remember and hopefully inspire you to do more and reach further. Oh and if you needed more reasons to exercise – I think these 10 fitness facts might have some oomph for you to add to your workout. The average male will exercise about 115 days total in the year – that’s roughly twice a week When it comes to skipping exercise, over 90% of men say they will skip it if it conflicts with another activity – like watching a game or going out with the … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Like Summer Exercise

I talked about the top 10 reasons to hate exercising in the summer, so appropriately enough; it’s time to talk about the top 10 reasons to like exercising in the summer. If you think this list sounds suspiciously like our earlier list, then the coincidence is probably only a little imaginary. But let’s not get all hung up on that right now and let’s talk about the top 10 reasons to like exercising in the summer: It’s hot in the summer and that means it’s the perfect weather for shorts and tank tops. You don’t have to worry about freezing … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons To Hate Summer Exercise

It’s summer. No, I know technically that summer isn’t supposed to start officially until June 21st, but it’s hot and it’s muggy and that makes it pretty close to summer. I’ve already had my first sunburn of the season and I’m likely to have another one even if I can remember to do the sunscreen the way I’m supposed to. Any who, just for fun, here are the top ten reasons to hate summer exercise: It’s hot. Yes, it’s hot. When it’s as hot as it can get down here in Texas, doing outdoor activities in the afternoon is an … Continue reading

Creating Keepsakes 2007 Top 10 Issue

I love making lists. It is very satisfying to make a list and see everything that needs to be done all in one place. Maybe that is why I really enjoyed reading Creating Keepsakes Top 10 Issue that recently came out. They cover 9 topics and include a list of their top 10 ideas for that topic. This issue is part of the regular Creating Keepsakes subscription, but if you are not a subscriber, you can pick up your own copy at your favorite scrapbook,craft store or online at Creating Keepsakes. I think this issue has a great balance of … Continue reading

10 Best Fitness Choices for 2006

It’s the time of year for making those top ten lists and as I wind up my workweek and look forward to this weekend, I thought what a better way to summarize the year and the work we’ve done here at Families.com and get in a little fun at the same time. Towards that effort, I have thought about some of the fitness choices we’ve discussed here in the Fitness Blog and I’ve thought about the New Year’s Resolutions we are all considering for next year and those that we planned for this year. In that light, here are my … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Do Your Cardio Every Day

I enjoy my cardio workouts on a level that I have never enjoyed strength training. There’s something about the rhythm of once you get going with regular cardio – because when I don’t do it due to illness (currently I have bronchitis) that I miss it and it makes it easier for me to get back into it after a few down days recovering from an infection. So with this in mind, I wanted to share with you my 10 reasons you should do cardio every day, well six days a week with the seventh one off. You can do … Continue reading