Organization: Scrap Paper Scissors Mini Tote

With Springtime here finally, everyone around me is already getting ready for Spring Cleaning. So I decided to work on it myself too. Along with Spring cleaning, is a little bit of organizing too. I’d like to take the rest of March and part of April to share some great Organizational products and ideas with you. Have you seen this nifty tote by Scrap Paper Scissors? It’s called the Mini Organizer, and don’t let its name fool you. It holds a whole lot of scrapbooking stuff or any other craft you are into! This gorgeous little tote comes in all … Continue reading

ElisaLou Bags

As scrapbookers, I think we come to appreciate and enjoy looking at beautiful patterns and designs. The longer we scrapbook, the more important a beautiful design can become. I recently came across some bags that are available in a variety of gorgeous patterns and colors. I couldn’t help but think about how great these designs would be as patterned paper. I also though about how these bags would make a great tote for scrapbooking supplies. ElisaLou Designs could be the next place you will turn to find a beautiful bag to hold your scrapbooking goodies for your next crop. These … Continue reading

Dove Deals

Dove is one of my favorite companies for deals. I was just thinking about that as I sit here warm and snugly in a blue fleece shirt I got for free a few years ago with the purchase of two Dove body wash. Growing up with Ivory soap was a hard habit to break, until a persistent rash on my belly during a pregnancy prompted my doctor to recommend Dove to because it wouldn’t strip the moisture from my skin. Every once in a while, I check back on the Dove web site to see what they have in current … Continue reading

A Day at the Beach–Part 2

My previous blog focused on what to bring to the beach. If you have kids, you know that a trip to the beach requires bringing more than just a swimsuit and sunblock. So, now that you know what to bring, we can tackle the question: “How am I supposed to schlep these supplies from the car to the sand?” Here are a few ideas. “Deluxe Wonder Wheels.” This is a product I found in a baby supply catalog, but you can get a similar one at any discount store. It is an all-terrain cart. It has four wheels; the front … Continue reading