Host an Artwork Exchange

We’ve talked about hosting all kinds of exchanges from the cookie exchange (which doesn’t have to be just for Christmas) to the back to school clothing exchanges and swapping accessories and holiday decorations. Now, it’s time to talk about an artwork exchange. If you have recently moved or redecorated, it’s a great time to host an exchange. You can trade off some pieces that no longer make much of an impact and gain some items to add some sparkle to your new spaces. Pricey Pieces First, if you have valuable artwork, you do not want to trade it with the … Continue reading

What is a Swap?

I’m sure that you know that the term “swap” means to trade or exchange something with someone or something else. But how does that relate to scrapbookers? A scrapbook layout or card swap can be a wonderful way for us to find new ideas and make new friends. Swaps are usually organized by the group leader generally known as the hostess. She gets to decided what (if any) the theme will be for the swap, how many people will participate, deadlines and anything else important to her particular swap. The hostess can choose to do a swap with her local … Continue reading