Is Your Marriage Being Overrun by Weeds?

Are there weeds in your marriage? Weeds that you really know you should do something about but which are, or have been, allowed to grow and spread? They can look attractive at first, but later turn out to be destructive. In our garden we have what I consider a pretty vine that gets amazing blue flowers. Mick’s attitude to it is very different and with good reason. When I look at the vine all I see it’s the vibrant blue of the flower. The problem is let go the vine takes over and tends to run riot, choking everything else. … Continue reading

Rocking and Bouncing Can Affect Your Baby’s Music Preference

Did you know that the way you rock and bounce your baby can affect his sense of rhythm and even what type of music he prefers? Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada studied how babies perceive music. Since parents usually bounce or rock their babies while singing to them, the researchers wanted to see if there was any connection to the development of rhythm or later preference for music in the babies. The researcher took a look at seven-month old babies. The babies listened to an ambiguous piece of music. That is, the music couldn’t be defined as any … Continue reading

How Honest, Are You, Really?

The bible tells us, ‘do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices,’ Colossians 3:9. But can you say you don’t lie. How honest are you really? Take this quiz and find out. If your friend is wearing an outfit and she/he asks you for you opinion and you think it looks awful, do you a. Tell them it doesn’t suit them and tell them exactly why. b. Say the color looks good on them. c. Suggest something else that does look good on them. d. Change the subject If you don’t … Continue reading

Capturing Character Traits

This is part four in a six part series about capturing the complete personalities and uniqueness of the individuals who adorn our scrapbook pages. This article focuses on capturing each individual’s unique character traits and the qualities that make them who they are. Please keep in mind that not only does this work on your children, but also on you, your significant other and friends and family members. We are all full of traits that make us who we are. Sometimes we actually can get a photograph of someone that captures a trait or two, but there are things that … Continue reading

Kids Rooms: Your Child’s Dream Room

We talk about dream rooms, in the context of having the perfect room we’ve always dreamed of having. However, there is another twist on the “dream room.” Creating such a room begins with our children’s hopes and dreams for the future. Some children don’t yet have serious goals and may change their minds often, which is okay too. There is no need to pressure children to decide what their lives will be like in the future and kids should enjoy being kids. There are also children who just seem to know from early on what they want to be and … Continue reading

The Color Code – Dr. Taylor Hartman

Have you ever wondered why your husband or wife reacts the way they do to certain things? Or why your mother-in-law or boss just rub you the wrong way? “The Color Code” by Dr. Taylor Hartman presents a fascinating way to look at human nature, that of dividing people up into four major categories based on personality types and learning how to deal with them based on the category they belong to. The four groups are represented by the colors red, blue, white, and yellow. You are dominantly one color, but you’ll have a smattering of the other colors mixed … Continue reading

A House Full of Boys, Part 2

I recently wrote about the traits of little boys and what a household full of them would look like. People have commented favorably about the article but almost everyone pointed out something that had been left off the list. I am going to try to remember all of the suggestions. Boys really like puddles, especially if they are dressed up for church or school. A young male is simply unable to walk around a puddle. There is so much joy in seeing the splashes and feeling your shoes get wet. Will Moms never learn that rainy days and new clothes … Continue reading

Nurturing Temperamental Traits – Persistence

How persistent is your child? Is she willing to wait to have her needs met? Does he insist on getting things now? Does your child quickly give up and move on when a task is difficult? Does she react strongly when interrupted? Persistent Persistence can be both a positive and a negative trait. The child who works on a difficult puzzle is labeled patient, yet if they refuse tostop working when asked they are labeled as stubborn. Recognizing this trait will save you, as a parent, a lot of grief. When your child starts a task they will want to … Continue reading

Nurturing Temperamental Traits – Adaptability

How easy does your child adapt to transitions? If your child doesn’t mind changes in their routine and easily transitions from activity to activity them they have high adaptability. If they don’t like changes and have a hard time adjusting to new situations they have low adaptability. Low Adaptability Has your child ever cried when you said it was time to put the puzzle away and go to the park? That is because the child with low adaptability has a hard time with transitions. Even though going to the park is an enjoyable activity they were involved in the puzzle … Continue reading

Nurturing Temperamental Traits – Approach/Withdrawal

Approach or withdrawal explains your child’s response to new situations or people. Does your child eagerly approach a roomful of strangers? Do they cry whenever you leave them? Does your child like to go places or cry/resist when taken somewhere new? Approach The approachable child loves to meet new people and go new places. Life is an adventure that they eagerly embrace. Going to a new school or attending daycare is viewed as an opportunity to make new friends. They are confident and sure of themselves around strangers. When they are in a new place they will feel free to … Continue reading