Travel Tip: Don’t Wing It

When it comes to preserving your travel budget, it’s best not to wing it.  Sure, a few impromptu souvenirs or an extra tropical libation may not break the bank.  However, if you are truly interested in stretching your travel dollar, it’s best to plan ahead.  The more money-saving opportunities you take advantage of, the more cash you can stash for a future trip. Before you jet-off on your next vacation, consider the following: Watch where you eat:  As much as you are careful about what you eat while on vacation, if you are following a strict budget, it’s as important … Continue reading

Ways to Stretch Your Vacation Dollar

With spring break travel peaking and the busy summer vacation season right around the corner, now is the time to learn how to stretch your travel dollar.  The following tips don’t require a ton of effort to execute.  What’s more, once you realize how easy it is to save on travel-related expenses, you may be inspired to find a few more frugal ways to keep from going into debt during your family getaway. Timing is key:  Do a little research before you hit the road on a family vacation.  Airfare and hotel rates can jump sky high when traveling during … Continue reading

Budgeting for Spring Break

Right now, millions of Americans are looking to trade in the snow and cold for sun, sand and surf.  Unfortunately, tropical escapes don’t usually come cheap.  If you are seriously considering jetting off on a beach vacation this spring, consider the following money-saving tips: Travel with others:  Group deals are ideal for families or friends looking to save cash on travel while enjoying each others’ company.  Typically, group rates are offered to parties of six or more people; however, a number of travel companies offer deeper discounts to larger groups.  For example, if you can gather a slew of extended … Continue reading

How to Score Big Savings on the Road

  When you are looking for ways to reduce travel expenses start small.  You may be surprised to see that in no time those minor moves can add up to big savings. Here are a few simple money-saving tips to get you started: Stay at a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast, and then take an extra apple, banana, yogurt or granola bar to eat as a mid-afternoon or late-night snack.  It beats spending additional money feeding the vending machine or calling room service when you get hungry later in the day. Bypass big city restaurants and dine at a cheaper … Continue reading

Tolls Taking a Toll on Travelers

Nothing gets a traveler hot under the collar faster than having to spend extra money on tolls.  If paying for gas, hotel rooms and meals weren’t enough, several states have increased the amount of cash they are requiring road warriors to fork over for the privilege of driving on their asphalt. The expansion of the electronic toll system allows locals and visitors alike to speed through the express lanes without having to shell out cash each time.  Rather, drivers can pre-purchase toll devices and use them on highways, bridges and tunnels, from California to Maine. The largest toll program is … Continue reading

Holiday Travel With Kids: Know Before You Go

If you are loading up the kids and heading to grandma’s house in New York State for the holidays, then you might want to do some quick measuring first. Not to see if your minivan can accommodate all the extra gifts you are hauling. Rather, state troopers want you to use your measuring tape on your kids. The New York State DMV recently expanded its child restraint law to include all children under the age of eight. Meaning, kids less than eight years old must be restrained in a child carseat or booster seat while riding on state roads. The … Continue reading

Avoiding Holiday Travel Woes

AAA estimates that more than 33 million people will be hitting the nation’s highways today. The Sunday following Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year, and this year is no exception. Adding to the mad rush are the millions of others, who will be heading home from Turkey Day celebrations, via boat, train or plane. Unfortunately, for those of you who are doing it all over again next month, travel experts don’t expect numbers to decrease. Meaning, you will have just as much company on the roads and in the skies as today. However, thanks to the … Continue reading

Screaming Kid Makes for Travel Nightmare

In more ways than one… Talk about a flight from hell: Not only did Pamela Root’s nightmare of flying solo with her 2-year-old son come true, but so did her fear that her toddler would not behave in the airplane. In fact, the boy’s behavior was so distracting it led to the mother and son getting booted from their Southwest Airlines flight last week. According to airline officials, the Roots were sitting onboard a flight departing Amarillo, Texas, bound for San Jose, California, when young Adam got hit with a major bout of the crankies. The boy reportedly spent the … Continue reading

Can You Do Disney Without Going Broke?

Let’s face it; visiting the House of Mouse isn’t cheap. Shelling out $31 a day to rent a double stroller at Disney World and $10 to treat three kids to ice cream sandwiches at Disneyland is enough to send any parent into shock. Fortunately, there are ways to save if you are determined to make your child’s Disney dreams come true. It’s true; penny-pinchers can have a delightful time at Disney theme parks, provided you follow these tips: FOOD You can take a huge bite out of your food bill if you book a private home, suite or other type … Continue reading

Digitize Your Directions

I absolutely love having a GPS in the car. For me, it is a necessary tool, since I am very prone to getting lost…very prone. I could go on and on about how I was headed in one place and ended up somewhere else, even in a different state. But for those times when I don’t have the GPS or when the newest roads aren’t available on it, I have found a little trick that really helps. Sure I could look the directions up online and then print them out, but about 50 percent of the time, the online directions … Continue reading