Staying One Step Ahead of Your Teens

If there is one bit of advice I would give to every parent of a teenager, it is to stay one step ahead of your teen. That means you have to be knowledgeable of what teens are facing and going through. Keeping up on teen fads, fashions and trends will help. All you have to do is Google something like “dangerous teen trends” and you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. I also suggest watching Dr. Phil who often has shows on the latest teen trends. It is very eye-opening. I recently read a Consumer Reports list … Continue reading

A Wedding Ring for Your Man?

Trends come and go in marriage as they do in other aspects of life. In my parent’s generation, the men never wore wedding rings. If you look around at many elderly men you will see few wedding rings. By the time we Mick and I married there was so starting to change. Yet, even in my husband’s age group one time I looked around the guys we were with, some of whom were a few years younger than us, and Mick was he only man wearing a wedding ring. Mick is not one for wearing jewelry apart from his watch, … Continue reading

Stay-at-Home Wives: A New Trend?

This time, credit not only for the idea of this blog but also for the title goes to Jade “The Muse” Walker. (At this rate, she’s going to have to get a new nickname. Something catchier. Something that better conveys the abundance of leads she bestows upon me.) This is sort of a continuation of my Yes, I Confess, I’m a Stay-at-Home Wife article. But instead of making more confessions (I’ve got some more coming, actually, but in a separate article), I’m going to discuss the article by Sarah Jio that Jade sent me. The one that’s kicking off … Continue reading

Turning Bad Design Trends into Good Design Trends

Some trends in home decor and design can seem hip one minute and out the next. Sometimes the trend is so fast that they are out before the magazine featuring them hits the stand. If you like to experiment and you have the means (budget) to do so, go ahead and have some fun. For the rest of us, though, these are some of the trends we should probably stay away from. Here is how you can taken an existing trend that might make you say “What???” and turn it into one that will make you say “Wow!” Bad Trend: … Continue reading

Will Your Home Sell in a Recession? Trends Can Influence a Sale

During a recession, it can be difficult to sell your home for a good price, or even sell your home at all. The reasons a home may sell has to do with a set of complicated factors that come in to play, more so when there is a lot of other homes available and few buyers. If you are trying to make a decision about putting your home on the market, take a few moments to review these various factors. They will help you make a good decision about selling or at least help you be prepared in today’s market. … Continue reading

Be Wary of Trends in Kitchen Renovation

As you may know from following along in my recent blogs, we are in the process of choosing materials, colors and finishes for a kitchen update. One aspect of this whole journey is a desire to make sure that we choose materials, finishes and accessories that will withstand the test of time, or at least the test of ten years. While we plan on staying in our current home for quite some time, circumstances could always change, leading us to sell our home. If we are caught with something that looks outdated, it could hurt a sale. We also don’t … Continue reading

Is Scrapbooking Dying Out?

When you’re in the industry as long as I have been, you tend to see different trends come and go, different products reach their height and then die out, and meet people who are scrapaholics and then simply drop scrapbooking all together. I was surprised to see a discussion on a message board which posed the question on whether the whole trend of scrapbooking was dying out. What I have to say to that, is simply no. Whatever the evidence in question is or was, scrapbooking is here to stay. And now with the introduction of digital scrapbooking, it opened … Continue reading

Living Frugally Is The Latest Trend

Living more frugally seems to be the latest trend these days. Perhaps its just my own perception, but if you look around you, newspapers and magazines seem to be publishing more and more feature articles on ways to save and live a more frugal life. The more we expose people to these trends, the more they will take off and become the latest “thing to do” and perhaps the more retailers, shops and others will begin to listen. Saving money is finally cool. What I never understood before is that apparently it is an embarrassment to admit you’re a cheapskate. … Continue reading

Trendy Trinkets for the New Year

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party on Monday? If you’ve been mulling over the idea but haven’t got a clue where to get all your party supplies on such short notice I’m here to help. I found a site where you can get everything from plates to party hats, candles to noisemakers, games, music, confetti and more AND get it delivered to your home in time for your ball drop festivities all with the click of a mouse. is offering a “New Year’s Eve Complete Party Set” for 25% off to anyone ordering it prior to January … Continue reading

Hot Home Style Trends

Want to keep up with the Jones or just be aware of the latest style and options when it comes to your home? Read on to find out what home style trends are soon to be hot. Green Flooring Overall, homes are getting greener. And way of doing this is with cool new flooring that can be a status symbol. Remember how everyone had to have (and still does) marble countertops in the kitchen? Well, underfoot, it is all going to be about natural and recycled materials. Some of the hottest options are still unique with great textures and designs. … Continue reading