Twin Study Shows How We Age Ourselves

The choices you make throughout your life can play a big part in whether you look younger or older than your years. That’s the message from a study on twins and aging from Case Western Reserve University. Researchers looked at identical twins to see how choices like tanning, smoking, and more impacted the way a person ages. According to the study, these behaviors or choices can make you look younger: * Taking birth control or hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen can help increase water retention, and the more hydrated your skin is, the smoother it will look. * Using sunscreen. There … Continue reading

Celeb Baby Jam

He’s the Hollywood star who infamously said, “Women should be in charge of raising kids,” then sued his ex-wife for custody of their two daughters. Despite his view on child rearing, good ol’ Charlie Sheen added two more kids to his brood over the weekend. According to reports, the “Two and a Half Men” star and his wife Brooke Mueller Sheen welcomed twin boys Saturday night. The boys, named Max and Bob, are the first for the couple, who married in May 2008. The twins, who weren’t due until mid-April, are the first boys born to Sheen. The 43-year-old actor … Continue reading

What NOT to do with Your Newborn Twins

And the 2008 Worst Mother Award goes to… Sonia Ringoir. Okay, maybe not. However, if they handed out an actual award for poor parental behavior the 31-year-old Belgium mother would certainly be in contention for title. If you haven’t already heard, Ringoir stands accused of selling her newborn twin boys to pay for liposuction surgery. According to reports, Ringoir, a restaurant worker from the Belgian tourist haven of Ghent, was arrested and charged last week after her estranged husband ratted her out. And get this—when police questioned Ringoir’s current boyfriend, he says the mom sold her babies because her estranged … Continue reading

Hollywood Baby Boom—Ricky’s Twins and Matt’s New Daughter

Ricky Martin really is “Livin’ La Vida Loca” now that he is the single parent of twin boys. Who knew his hit song would be so prophetic. The 36-year-old singer apparently got tired of waiting for the perfect partner and decided to hire a surrogate to carry his new twin sons. In a statement released to the public yesterday Martin’s rep confirmed that the children (whose names have not been released) were delivered via gestational surrogacy, and are “healthy and already under Ricky’s full-time care.” The statement also revealed that the actor-musician will spend the rest of the year in … Continue reading

Star Updates: Twins and Tragedy

Somehow I don’t see a bidding war brewing for the first shots of Lisa Marie Presley’s twins. Yes, the King of Rock and Roll’s daughter finally revealed that she is carrying twins, but no, you shouldn’t count on seeing the bouncing bundles of joy in a 19-page magazine spread a la Brangelina’s double blessing. Lisa Marie’s mother Priscilla Presley was the one who spilled the beans to TV’s “Entertainment Tonight” saying that her daughter wanted to keep the news private as long as possible. And who can blame her considering the drama she endured during her first trimester. Months ago … Continue reading

Hollywood Moms and Fertility Treatments

Still no sign of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins, but to keep public interest high in the double spawn of Brangelina Us Weekly has the famous Hollywood parents front and center on the cover of this week’s magazine with the headline: “IT WAS IN VITRO!” According to the periodical, Jolie “conceived through in vitro fertilization” in order to conceive 2-week-old twins Knox and Vivienne. A well-placed source within the Jolie-Pitt camp tells Us, the handsome couple “desperately wanted babies quickly.” The magazine then has doctors weighing in on Jolie’s chances of conceiving twins naturally. According to one reproductive specialist, … Continue reading

High Profile Protesting

Not everyone is thrilled about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s recent double blessing. In fact, the birth of Brangelina’s twins has sparked fierce protests outside the seaside hospital where Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were welcomed into the world Saturday night. Hundreds of residents in Nice, France have been picketing outside of the Fondation Lenval hospital this week (where the twins and Jolie will remain for a few more days) because the news of the babies birth has overshadowed a high profile murder case. According to French newspapers, the protesters are irate that the mayor of Nice has spent so … Continue reading

They’re Here! Brangelina’s Twins Arrive

FINALLY! The double dose of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has entered the world, and by all accounts they are healthy and happy. The doctor who delivered the infants, who in all likelihood will be the highest paid tots in the world once their pictures are published, say the birth went off without a hitch. Forget about the rumors that the actress was carrying twin girls, according to Jolie’s doctor, she gave birth to a son and a daughter. The boy, which the Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt named Knox Leon, weighed 5.03 pounds, while the girl, named Vivienne … Continue reading

Brangelina Brood Expanding by Three?

Can you be overdue with twins? French newspapers are reporting that Angelina Jolie will deliver her twins on Tuesday. Numerous sources at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, where the actress was admitted on June 29th, say Brangelina’s twins will be welcomed into the world in just three short days. According to the paper, doctors were initially planning to induce Jolie on Monday, but since July 14th is Bastille Day (a French holiday) the procedure was pushed back a day. There have been so many false reports associated with Jolie’s pregnancy and pending delivery that I’m not sure I buy this … Continue reading

Diary of a Cat Care B&B: Look-Alikes

Some guests at the cats-only boarding facility are family in name only; others are actually from the same litter… or at least the same bloodline! We have a pair of brothers from the same litter who (thankfully) don’t look alike. One cat is black and white; the other is an orange tabby. Their only common feature is a stunted tail — about half as long as you’d expect a cat’s tail to be. But with those matching tails, they’re most definitely kin. We have, however, had some guests from the same litter who are virtually identical. Those can be tricky! … Continue reading