Creating a Christmas Layout

It is the season of giving and making memories. We want to preserve our Christmas memories with photos in our scrapbooks. What is the best layout for our Christmas photos? Here are some ideas: A scrapbook is a way in which we can be creative and record memories on paper with photos, sentiments and embellishments. That said, take a look at Christmas decorations. I’m going to use the decorating theme I used in my home as the theme for my Christmas layout in my scrapbook. I used reindeer as the theme for my decorating. I have a collection of reindeer … Continue reading

Are You Offering Anything Original?

One of the things that sets us apart in our home businesses from others in our market is when we do or offer something completely original. Whether it is a product, a service, or the way we go about doing business (our service delivery), if we can offer something original, it will differentiate us and may help us to attract and keep clients and customers. It is hard to be original! It can seem like everything has already been done and been done over and over again at that. People are constantly coming up with new inventions and products, however, … Continue reading

Every Family Has its Quirks

What seems completely “normal” to my little family might seem a little on the weird side to another family (and vice versa). Instead of trying so hard to be like everyone else or the families we see on television or in magazine, we might be better off celebrating our own unique quirks. I believe that just like a workplace or a church or a school environment, each family has its own “culture.” This may shift and change over time, but there might also be some quirks and uniqueness’s that remain. I also think there is a difference between traditions and … Continue reading

Enjoy Being an Individual

One of the great things that happens on a personal level when we embark on operating our own home business is that we move away from the pack–we start to live a more individualized life and stand out on our own. This can be scary, of course, and feel incredibly foreign if we are used to working a traditional job and being “ordinary.” But, I do think we can celebrate this unique path and learn how to enjoy being an individual doing things our way! There are going to be those who think your independence and home business endeavors are … Continue reading

The Joys and Challenges of Unique Experiences

We single parent families definitely do not always play things by the book. As a matter of fact, while our families may often look rather similar to two parent families, we are also just as likely to have unique perspective on things and our family history may include some rather unique experiences. The trick is to learn how to embrace this uniqueness and celebrate some of those unique shared experiences too. It seems to be human nature to want to “fit in” and feel like we are part of the group. And, in our society, we definitely have the whole … Continue reading

Why do some couples not want a traditional ceremony?

There are many reasons for a bride and groom to skip the traditional wedding in favor of something different. Remember, what makes a wedding important is the personal meaning it holds for the bride and groom. When the couple is not happy with the idea of a traditional wedding, they may eschew it in favor of a ceremony or location that is more in tune with their own personal desires. Some reasons a couple may want to skip the traditional wedding include: The bride has no interest in wearing a huge, formal white wedding gown Traditional weddings can be expensive; … Continue reading