Organization – Storing Unmounted Stamps

As I mentioned in earlier articles, I am starting some specific articles, dealing with storage and organization of different types of scrapbook supplies. Not all scrapbookers use rubber stamps. And even those that do, might choose not to use unmounted rubber stamps. However, many scrapbookers find it challenging to store these little pieces of rubber. Never fear, there are solutions out there. It is about figuring out what works for you, and which system will allow you to get the most use out of your unmounted stamps. While there are several binders and systems, made exclusively for storing unmounted stamps, … Continue reading

A Simple Way To Store Those Unmounted Stamps

Lets face it, stamping has become so popular in scrapbooking, it is almost an addiction by itself. For many, it is their primary addiction, for others it is just fun to have the stamps to use in your scrapbooks. Regardless of where you fall in that little spectrum, storing the unmounted stamps can be a challenge. Once upon a time, I actually stored them in a drawer in my iris cart. But it was difficult to find what I was looking for and I got frustrated easily. I came up with a better solution that you will hopefully find useful … Continue reading