Scrapbooking Color Terminology

Color terminology for scrapbooking is not any different than color terminology for anything else. However, as a Layout Decorator (rather than an Interior Decorator), color plays an important part in our page designs and a basic knowledge of terms might be useful. I spent a great deal of time learning about color and figuring out the terms that might be helpful to a scrapbooker and am providing that information here. Primary Colors – These colors are red, blue and yellow. They are the colors that are not mixed with anything to get their colors. They are pure. Secondary Colors – … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: Setting The Mood With Color (2)

Since color is such an important aspect in decorating anything, there is no exception to decorating your scrapbook layouts. However, if you aren’t more aware of what moods that colors can set, you might be setting the wrong mood on your pages. Here are a few excellent examples of what colors can mean and what mood they can set: Red As I mentioned in an earlier article, red is a color that seems to demand attention. It is extremely vibrant and is the color of stop-signs. Red is a strong color and in scientific tests, was known to cause the … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: Setting the Mood With Color (1)

Color surrounds us everywhere. What would our world be without the vibrant and serene colors that we are afforded daily in our lives. The cool aspect of color is that different colors evoke different feelings and emotions. Often people are more drawn to one particular color, than they might be another. This can occur for several reasons. Perhaps a person likes the way the color looks. Or maybe someone has told them that they look good in that color. But more than likely, the reason for enjoying certain colors, is that people probably like the way the color makes them … Continue reading

Learning About Color For Your Scrapbooks

Color is all around us, everywhere we look, there are bursts of colors around us. In the sky, the tree’s, the grass, the water, simply – everywhere. It surrounds us in our home, and often it is a daily part of many people’s occupations (home designers, home builders, construction workers, even doctors use colors to be able to diagnose certain things). Colors evoke different moods and different feelings. Colors change the way certain things look when they are near them. Colors truly inspire and spark creativity, they can set the mood or break it. What would our world be like, … Continue reading

Home Decor: Using Color

Creating an interesting effect, while keeping things in balance, is simple to do through the proper use of color in the right proportion. Adding color helps create interest, adds warmth, and when used intermittently, keeps the eye moving about the room. So, how can you create the proper blend of color without overdoing it? The first step is to use colors that provide contrast or that work to coordinate other elements in the space. For example, if you want more contrast, use fabrics or furnishings that are distinctive from the wall and floor color. If you want to pull everything … Continue reading