Tips for Working on Vacation

One of the benefits of owning and operating your own business is that you can often take your work with you when you go out of town for a vacation. The flip side of this is that taking along the supplies (folders of papers and your computer) to do the work does not necessarily guarantee that you will get much work done. Based upon the past few years of my experience as a home – based professional, I have come to believe that the general rule regarding getting work done on vacation is “When planning your vacation, decide how much … Continue reading

Hotels Stealing a Priceless Commodity

Not your Louis Vuitton luggage, your precious tech toys or the treasured stuffed souvenirs you spent three hours trying to win during your trip to the amusement park.  Some hotels are taking something far more valuable from unsuspecting guests–their health. According to a new study, if you are spending the night in a nonsmoking room at a hotel with a partial smoking ban, you are not fully protected from harmful exposure to so-called “third-hand” smoke.  Researchers at San Diego State University discovered that tobacco pollution can easily congregate on surfaces in both smoking and nonsmoking hotel rooms. “Our findings demonstrate … Continue reading

Beachy Keen

Don’t let your family getaway go undocumented this spring.  If you are planning to escape to the sun, sand and surf, be sure to take plenty of pictures, collect a bunch of mementos, and then create eye-popping scrapbook layouts to preserve all of the good times. Beach-themed page designs are fun to make.  Use the opportunity to flex your creative muscle by incorporating items you collect during your vacation with the myriad of scrapbooking embellishments available in stores and online.  For example, consider bringing home a small container or Ziploc bag of sand from the beach and adding it to … Continue reading

Tokyo DisneySea

DisneySea’s Tower of Terror I’ve always wanted to write a feature about Tokyo Disneyland. It seems like the most mysterious of the Disney Parks because it’s always the one I hear about the least. Its website isn’t as well translated as that for Disneyland Paris or Hong Kong Disneyland, so I can never find its special offers page or really much else substantial about which to write. Tokyo DisneySea has always intrigued me the most. For all that I say I don’t see a lot written about Tokyo Disneyland, I see the name DisneySea pop up a lot, more than … Continue reading

Fun for Grown-Ups at Disney: Epcot

Given that Disney World is a family friendly park there aren’t a lot of places there that are exclusive for adults. Today I’ve decided to focus on somewhere that, although it contains plenty for kids as well, would also make a fun day out for grown-ups. Many of the Epcot attractions I’ll look at might also appeal to some kids, but I tried to choose things that would better hold an adult’s interest. When I think of Epcot the World Showcase comes first to mind. Epcot is home to pavilions dedicated to 11 different countries from across the globe. Each … Continue reading

Vacation Means a Break from Fitness

Most of us who take a vacation during the summer don’t worry about keeping up with our fitness routines. Yes, I know…there are some die-hard fitness buffs out there that won’t let a vacation stop them from exercising. There is nothing wrong with that but think about the point of a vacation. A vacation is a time to break away from normal. Even taking a break from exercise can actually be a good thing. And it is highly unlikely you will gain all sorts of weight during this time, unless you completely overindulge yourself. It is an opportunity to not … Continue reading

Learn While Lazing at Aulani

Last time I looked at Aulani, Disney’s newest (and first) resort in Hawaii the details were still conceptual. Now that Aulani prepares to open its doors at the end of August, it’s time to take another, much more definitive look at what’s sure to be one luxurious hotel. Over the past few months the Disney Park blog has published several sneak previews of the resort. I’ve browsed through many of the recent ones to present a more rounded picture to bring to you today. Aulani will be open to the public and will also contain lodgings exclusively for Disney Vacation … Continue reading

July 4 Celebrations at Disneyland

With another national holiday just around the corner, it’s time again to look at the special events going on at the Disney Parks. Last year I highlighted what went down in Orlando for July 4. I thought I would switch things up this year and focus on the events in Anaheim. The official Disney parks blog has an overview of what to expect at Disneyland on the 4th, which links to the Disneyland Daily Events calendar for the specifics. One thing you should definitely anticipate: fireworks. But then you probably guessed that already. Because July 4 is a Monday this … Continue reading

Take Time Out for Yourself This Summer

One of the things that can be easy to do when you work from home is to put in more time than perhaps you really should. You can get very easily get caught up in the whole workaholic syndrome. For some people with home businesses, they find summertime to be the perfect opportunity to take time off. But for other people (myself included) it actually becomes a perfect opportunity to do more. Since my children are now teens and have their own plans going on almost everyday, it actually leaves me more time to do more things throughout the day. … Continue reading

Goofy’s Sky School

Remember those silly Goofy shorts? At first glance that sentence seems redundant, but anyone reading a Disney blog knows exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve spoken of them before; even though I’m a handful of generations out from the 1940s and 50s, the years of greatest Goofy short prevalence, even I encountered one or two in my life, and not just for fun. The last Goofy short I remember from growing up was in my high school Driver’s Education class. We watched a grainy film, clearly made decades before, of Goofy learning how to drive and causing several accidents along … Continue reading