Single Parent Vacationing

This weekend I’m taking a camping trip without my daughter. I’m looking forward to it, as a single mother there have been very few vacations for the two of us and even fewer just for me. It seems that money is always tight and sometimes a vacation just isn’t a priority. I had to learn ways for the two of us to vacation without spending a ton of money. One easy way to take a mini vacation for next to nothing is to camp in the backyard. If you don’t have a backyard borrow one, ask a friend if you … Continue reading

It’s Family Vacation Time

This is the last week of school for my 10th grader. Next Monday is the last day for my 5th and 7th graders. While everyone is counting down the last days of homework and sitting in a classroom all day, I am counting down the days of getting up early, making sure homework is done and packing lunches. But I am also getting excited for our upcoming family vacation. The very last day of school for my younger two is the day we leave for an educational trip to Washington D.C. In the past our vacations have been more about … Continue reading

Planning a Fun LDS Summer Vacation for Your Family

The summer is a great time to plan a family vacation. It is even better if you can incorporate your gospel teaching into this time that you spend together as a family. You can plan a long road trip and hit most of the church historical sites or you can plan a shorter vacation and only see one or two of the sites. In the New York area you can attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant and visit the Sacred Grove and other museums that the church has set up in the area. This is all near around and Palmyra, New … Continue reading

Taking Vacations with Other Couples

Have you ever taken a vacation with another couple? Wayne and I have a couple of times. (And have talked about doing so with other friends but haven’t because we haven’t been able to coordinate schedules.) However, those times we did venture off with friends, we’ve had fun. After working out some kinks… Know What to Expect No, you can’t plan for every contingency. You have to leave room for spontaneity. Or, at least we like to. Some people do prefer to have a strict schedule laid out that they adhere to without exception. But that’s what I’m getting at. … Continue reading

How Much Does Your Pet Influence Your Lifestyle?

A week or two ago, I saw a story on Today about people who take their pets to work. I didn’t catch the full story, however. I think it was really more about how much pets influence some people’s lives. All aspects of it. Work One of the men profiled in the Today piece explained how he had moved his workplace for his dog. Apparently he runs his own business and leases office space. When a landlord prohibited pets from being in the building, the man went and found more accommodating office space elsewhere. But other people who didn’t own … Continue reading

All-American Family Vacation Destinations

What’s more American than baseball and apple pie? The big name sport is one of this country’s favorite pastimes and often serves as the focus for many a family vacation. If you have always dreamed of sharing popcorn and Cracker Jacks with your kids while watching the boys of summer swing and slide, but you don’t live near a city that has its own professional team you might consider the following travel packages, which allow families to take a trip to the ballpark without breaking the bank. SEATTLE The Hotel Nexus, located in the North Seattle University District, is offering … Continue reading

Finding Scrapbooking Retreats

Are you interested in attending a scrapbooking retreat? Do the girls you scrapbook long for some time away from home, spending a little girlfriend time together and getting some serious scrapbooking done without interruption? A scrapbooking retreat is perfect for this! But how do you find them? First of all, you can certainly search the Internet. I did and found several, except I feel that word of mouth is definitely a more powerful advertising tool. In addition to finding out someones favorite retreat location, you will be able to ask questions about the specifics of the location. What is around … Continue reading

What is a Scrapbooking Retreat?

Crops and workshops have been popular since scrapbooking started in the modern sense. Girlfriends got together and spent time creating fabulous pages, leaning on each other for inspiration and just generally spending some fun time together. Somebody very smart figured out that a scrapbooking retreat was just another great mix to add to our already growing hobby. They are cropping up all over as women find a new and unique way to spend some girlfriend time and get some pages done as well. So who goes on a scrapbooking retreat? What exactly is a scrapbooking retreat and where exactly are … Continue reading

Vacation Times

Vacation times are a great opportunity for God’s people to become involved in the community. Are you prepared to give up some of your vacation time, perhaps one week, to reach others with the gospel? Each year in January in two areas of Sydney, a mission known as The Green Tent operates. The Green Tent provides a service certainly for working parents who can safely leave children in supervised care. But more importantly the aim of those from the churches involved is to present children with the gospel message in a fun and varied atmosphere that includes bible stories, games, … Continue reading

Sharing and Coordinating Vacations

For those of us single parents who also have another parent in the picture, coordination and sharing can be the “names of the game”—we are called upon to coordinate all sorts of things between two households (or more) and find a way to make sure our kids are able to stay in contact with various relatives, and spend leisure time with both parents and both families. Since summer time can mean vacation time, this means coordinating vacations and that can take some effort… The upside of the two households is that kids can get double the vacations. This is how … Continue reading