For the Strength of Youth Series: Friends

Growing up, I always had good friends. In my first high school, I chose a quiet group of LDS kids to hang around with and I always felt like my standards were respected. I don’t think they were ever challenged. My second high school was also like this. I quickly found friends in seminary and at church, and these friends were instrumental in helping me gain confidence and self-understanding in a turbulent time. In fact, it wasn’t until the end of my undergraduate degree while studying in England that I became close friends with people of other faiths. Call me … Continue reading

For the Strength of Youth Series

Have you read the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet lately? I hadn’t until I was called to a Young Women calling a while ago. All I remembered was that as a youth I used to think of the pamphlet as guidance for what I wasn’t supposed to do. As I looked at it again, I was amazed at the simple doctrines, the understanding, and the love that radiates from the pages of this pamphlet. Everything is so direct and simple. Everything is doctrinally sound. It’s fabulous. Whether you have a teenager around the house or not, this little book … Continue reading

Teaching Preschoolers about Money

In my opinion, it is never too early to start teaching your children about money. While you do want to shield your children from any stress or negative financial realities, at least while they are little, it is good to start teaching them the basics of managing money. Money is a huge part of our society, and it always amazes me how kids can no clue how much of the system works. For a young child the best way to teach about money, its uses as well as your own values concerning it is through example. If you go out … Continue reading

Are Your Core Values the Same?

How did you go with three words to describe you and your spouse? Did you find it hard to choose just three? I did. For my husband I could have also added, loving, creative, clever (especially at fixing things and doing things with his hands which I am not) friendly, (people always enjoy talking to him and he can talk to anyone), down to earth and realistic. (I’m emotional and I’m a worrier. He’s neither.) Since we are so different how does that work out in our marriage? Fine. As Courtney said we compliment or balance each other. He keeps … Continue reading

Listening to Your Kids

Today I took my two girls with me on some errands. We were busy running from place to place. One of the places we went was a church. While I was taking care of some things at the church the girls saw some toys and other items they wanted. I was immediately resistive, but listened as they explained why they wanted a particular item. My 8-year-old, who is quite persistent, wanted to get a journal. I told the girls that if they took any new item with them, they must give away two things from home. Like many other homes … Continue reading

Disciplining Your Kids

A lot of parents assume that when someone talks about disciplining their kids that they mean spanking. Spanking is only one alternative in a whole arsenal of options for parents. Parents have time-out for younger children. Older children can go to their rooms, have the privileges taken away, and the ever popular grounding from outside, or from certain activities (which sounds a lot like removing privileges). These discipline techniques are all external. By that I mean that these are consequences that a parent imposes on the child as an external measure, while the parent hopes that the child will internalize … Continue reading

Borrowing Vs. Stealing

“I didn’t think anyone was using it!” or “I didn’t take it, I just borrowed it for a while”: Eventually we parents all have to wrestle with the borrowing vs. stealing issue with our children. Some, catch right on, while there are others who have a hard time figuring out the difference between borrowing and stealing or understanding the value and belief system behind what is okay, and what is not… Ideas like sharing, borrowing, taking, and possessions can be really tough ones for a child to grasp. Part of it, I think is due to developmental capabilities and stages, … Continue reading

Know Your Own Limits

What are you willing to do? How hard are you willing to work? Will you consider taking two jobs for the sake of your family or relocating for work? Do you want to make less money in order to be available for your child or family? Do you have enough energy to go to school AND work while caring for your family? There are so many options for a single parent (despite how it may seem sometimes) that we may get roped into thinking we are supposed to do it all. It is important to understand our own limits and … Continue reading

Should You Lower or Raise Your Standards?

I recently wrote about how I think that those people who tell single parents that they should “stop being so picky” need to stop! In my opinion, single parents have earned the right to take their time and be as picky as they feel they need to be whether they are dating and looking for love, choosing friends, finding a new neighborhood, working on their careers, or whatever. As I was writing, however, I got to thinking about the whole idea of “standards” and whether or not some of us single parents have a tendency to have standards that are … Continue reading

Do Your Values Affect Your Decision-Making Style?

We each of us has a way that we go about operating and growing our home-businesses. While entrepreneurs tend to have some basic characteristics in common, we are also quite different. Since each of us has a way of operating or a “style”–it can be helpful to understand how that style and how our personal values can affect the way we make decisions and actually “do” business… Personal values have a lot to do with how we do business. I know that you may have been led to believe that business and personal stuff never mix, but that isn’t the … Continue reading