Target Coupons for EVOL, Weight Watchers, Keebler and More

Grocery shopping at Target can be less expensive if you bring some coupons with you. Fortunately, Target offers a whole bunch of coupons that are designed to be used only in Target stores. You can be absolutely certain that Target will accept its own coupons! Here are some of the most recent grocery coupons from Target. Powerbar has a coupon that will save you $1.65 when you buy any 1 Powerbar ProteinPlus Multipack. Nestle has a coupon that will save you $1.00 when you buy a 9 ounce (or larger) stand up bag. Snickers and Milky Way have a combined … Continue reading

Coupons for Green Giant, Chex Mix, Reach and More

One easy way to find coupons is to have them sent to your inbox. I like to use, so I signed up for them to send me email. Every week, they send me email that contains links to coupons. The latest ones has links to what it thinks are my favorite brands. It’s not very accurate, but the coupons are interesting anyway. If you use all the coupons in this batch, you will save a total of $10.00. They are: Maxwell House has a coupon that will save you $1.50 when you buy 1 Maxwell House Coffee Single Serve … Continue reading

Coupons for Velveeta, Simply Lemonade, Crystal Light, and More

Time to go grocery shopping! Don’t forget to bring the loyalty card for whatever grocery store you are planning to shop at. (Unless the store you like doesn’t offer one, that is). It is also really helpful if you can bring a lot of grocery coupons with you. Here are several coupons from to get started with. If you use each and every coupon in this batch you will end up saving a total of $13.25. If these coupons are for the brands your family loves, then this could work out quite well for you. They are: Simply Lemonade … Continue reading

Coupons for Tom’s of Maine, Silk, Kashi, and More

How often does your family go grocery shopping? Mine goes once a week (with occasional smaller trips to pick up things we forgot to buy). Other families go once a month and stock up on a lot of groceries at one time. No matter when you go, it’s helpful to bring some coupons with you. Here’s a few to start with from If you use all of the coupons in this particular batch you will save a little over $8.00. They are: Brawny has a coupon that will save you $1.00 when you buy any 1 Brawny 2-Giant Roll … Continue reading

Coupons for Crest, Dole, Almay and More

Grocery shopping can be expensive. One way to cut down on that expense is to gather up a lot of coupons for the products that your family likes to use. If you are going to buy those products anyway, you may as well save some money on them. Here are some coupons from to get you started. If you use all of the coupons from this batch you will save $5.24. Lloyd’s has a coupon that will save you $1.00 when you buy any 1 Lloyd’s Barbeque product. Orbit Gum has a coupon for a free 14-piece pack of … Continue reading

Plenty of Coupons for Kraft Products!

Need some more coupons? Of course, you do! This is especially true if you are trying to stay within a budget and have a large family to feed. Grocery shopping can get expensive! To help cut down on the costs, has a batch of coupons that will help you save some money on a variety of products from Kraft. If you use the whole batch you will save a total of $10.25. Oscar Mayer has a coupon that will save you $1.00 when you buy any 2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. Oscar Mayer has a coupon that will save … Continue reading

Use Up Your March Coupons!

Coupons can be very helpful to families (and individuals) who are interested in saving money or staying within their budgets. You only have a few more days to use up the coupons that will expire at the end of March. Here are a few to print out before you go grocery shopping. This batch of Coupons come from If you use them all, you will save $11.50. Hormel has a coupon that will save you $2.00 when you buy any 1 Hormel Cure 81 Boneless Ham. Hormel has a coupon that will save you $1.00 when you any 1 … Continue reading

The New February Coupons are Ready!

The end of the month means it is time to get rid of the expired coupons. When a new month begins, it is time to print out some brand new coupons! The new February coupons from are ready for you to browse through, select, and take with you to the grocery store! I tend to look forward to the email I get from Obviously, I am interested in the coupons that it links to. I’m also amused by the little piece of artwork that they add to the email. There is always a photo that is accompanied by … Continue reading

Ask a Food Blogger: Less Processed Cheese?

Question: My kids love american cheese. They enjoy in between flour tortillas and heated in the manner of a grilled cheese sandwich. Is there an alternative cheese you could suggest that isn’t quite so processed? It is always disconcerting to me to feed my family processed ‘anything’ food. Processed cheese food, processed meat food, processed. . .well you get the idea. The fact that they can’t call it real cheese (because in fact it’s not) has always been problematic for me. When I first read this question, my initial reaction was to just used shredded cheddar. Then I got to … Continue reading

In Search of Velveeta

I was at the store today and I had decided to make my favorite taco salad recipe. I had my lettuce, olives, ground beef, Doritos, Ro*tel tomatoes – all I needed was Velveeta for my Ro*tel dip and I was set. At the end of the vegetable aisle, I found a small package of Velveeta. This was possibly because it was near the Ro*tel (although it was on the opposite end). Unfortunately, I needed a larger size to make my dip. So I walk up and down each aisle, looking for Velveeta. Sometimes, I find it near the potato chips, … Continue reading