Think Twice Before Installing a Vintage Sink

Farmhouse sinks are really a big trend at the moment. Everyone loves the look. Many homeowners have fun finding a real vintage sink to fit their home, whether it is a farmhouse style or not. Older sinks can really add a sense of style, nostalgia and a feeling of being true to your older home. But before you install your vintage sink, take a look at this article. You may just think twice. Let’s start with that farmhouse sink, as an example of a vintage sink. While the style is definitely in demand, you might find that the trend has … Continue reading

Create a Nostalgic Summertime Look

Do you miss the thought of lazy afternoons with gauzy curtains gently blowing in the breeze and neighbors stopping by for lemonade? Even though it is fall now, you can still create a nostalgic summertime look that will bring all of the romance of a sweet long ago summer right into your home. Fall really is one of my favorite seasons. You might not believe me, though, since I keep talking about decorating with a summer theme, such as in the earlier article, Simple Design Ideas to Bring Home the Beach. I think I love the idea of summer type … Continue reading

Do You Like Vintage?

What do you think of vintage décor? Do you like the look of hand-sewn quilts and crocheted Afghans? Do you like the colors reminiscent of another time? Maybe you picture a vintage theme room filled with old Coca-Cola collectibles and memorabilia. Can you see a black and white checkerboard tile floor, white walls, and one of those adorable black wrought iron bistro sets or ice cream parlor table and chairs? I know, it’s been done, but I’ve always liked the stark contrast of black against white. A splash of red injected by the Coke items would warm it up and … Continue reading

Heritage Scrapbooking: Finding Products

Once you have taken the time to sort through and organize all of your heritage photos and memorabilia, you are then ready to put the items into a meaningful scrapbook. I have done some searching to find a nice selection of heritage paper and embellishments that would work well with your heritage albums. Karen Foster Designs has a nice assortment of patterned paper that would enhance your albums. I especially like the family group sheet and photo pedigree papers. These would make a nice introduction page to an album documenting the lives of the people listed on these pages. Karen … Continue reading