The Color of Comfort, Part II

Picking up where we left off yesterday in our discussion of comfort colors, I have a few more to share. Does your favorite color resemble your favorite comfort food? Yellow Yellow is another hot color, depending on the shade. It makes me think of sunshine and lemony fresh scents, such as lemon zest, a wedge of fresh lemon in a tall, cold glass of iced tea, or lemon pie. There are many variations of yellow from pale to bright to more muted golden tones. Golden saffron is a nice, rich color, much like its expensive namesake. Purple Eggplant Parmesan is … Continue reading

The Color of Comfort, Part I

Is it any wonder that some of our favorite colors tend to be those that are similar in color to our favorite foods? Comfort colors, much like comfort foods, make us feel good. They help make a house a home. There is no scientific value to the following assessment nor is it based on color theory. This is purely about feelings invoked by colors, in my perception. See if you have similar feelings, or feel free to share yours. Orange I was never big on the color orange, at least not the orange found in the box of 8 crayons. … Continue reading

Fall Decorating: Some Autumn Ideas

Whew! I woke up with a little chill this morning. Somehow, summer seems to have slipped into fall without a warning. It’s not officially fall for a couple more weeks, but it is starting to feel like it. I have also begun noticing slight color changes in the scenery. For the most part, things are still green, but the grass and some plants and trees are just beginning to turn. I’m excited. I live in the Ozark Mountains and I have great scenery everywhere I look, but it is magnificent during the fall when the leaves are changing. I will … Continue reading